Do You Tip IKEA Delivery Drivers?-Know More

Tipping is a concept of giving small sums of money as a way of expressing one’s gratitude for a job well done. It initially began in England around the 18th century. Tipping is usually not obligatory but is optional. This is a practice found in the service sector and there are chances that it may be misunderstood in government settings. A tip is also known as “gratuity”. Let See About -Do You Tip IKEA Delivery Drivers ?

Do You Tip IKEA Delivery Drivers?

Do You Tip IKEA Delivery Drivers ?

Tipping an IKEA delivery driver is completely up to the customer. It ranges from $5 up to $20 depending on the load of the item they are delivering. It is considered polite to tip your delivery guy for their effort in lugging your huge heavy appliances up the stairs and into your homes. You can tip $20 or more in such cases. If the load is small and relatively easy to transport, then your tips can be in the range of $5 – $10.  There is no rule or handbook that says that you need to tip Ikea drivers. They are paid by the company, but there is no percentage of the amount going to them from the delivery fees you pay.  

Usually, tips must be paid in the form of cash and it is also important to note that tip is not included in the overall payment you make for the item of purchase. The company does not facilitate tips to its drivers or play any role in it. Therefore you need to pay the driver directly after the delivery is made. The delivery drivers are not prohibited to take tips and so it does not pose a moral conflict. On the other hand, they do not do their job in hopes of a tip. 

Is it necessary to tip?

Not at all, Delivery drivers do not expect a tip from you when delivering items. You are not obligated to tip. Delivery drivers do not depend on tips to make money.

However, if you are satisfied with the service provided by the delivery drivers, then you can tip them to show your thanks. When you recognize their hard work – it will be appreciated by them. The whole thing is optional and you can decide based on your experience with the delivery.

Things to consider while tipping

Consider the load of the items being shipped. Was it too heavy to be transported and brought into your home? Did it require two or more men? Was it inconvenient?

Consider if the item was left on your doorstep or brought into your home. If it was brought inside, unpacked, and installed – that involved a lot of work and thus tipping can be considered.

Consider the location of your home. Is it off the road? was it difficult to get there?  Did the drivers drive on rough terrain or to uncertain locations?

Consider the time of delivery. Did the item get delivered on time or possibly early? Or was it late and ultimately caused trouble?

 Consider the mannerisms of your drivers as well. Was he/she courteous? Or rude and impatient with delivering your items?

Pros and cons of tipping

Tipping has certain pros and cons to it.

Pros : You make a person feel appreciated and reward them for their hardwork

Tipping can bring a smile on the driver’s face and make their day better

Tipping  might help out the driver in a small way.

Cons : Tipping might lead to expectations from the driver every time they deliver an item

If you tip very less, they may get cross and consider you cheap. 

Tipping might cause strife between the driver and the people who help him load or unload the item when it comes to splitting the tip.

What is the socially acceptable amount that is tipped?

A basic assumption of how much to tip is made based on the weight of the load being shipped. Small items are not delivered by drivers as they can be mailed or shipped easily by courier services like FedEx, UPS, etc. Large size items are the ones that drivers deliver personally to your abodes in trucks or other large-capacity vehicles. 

These items are categorized further based on their weight. 

  • Items like lamps, stools, bedside tables that weigh roughly 10 to 50 pounds qualify for a tip of $5.
  • Larger items like bookcases, dining tables that weigh 50 to 150 pounds can be tipped $10. 
  • Items like couches, that are 200 pounds and heavier qualify for a tip of $20 

This is because the more the weight of an item, the more work and effort is needed from the driver to carry the item into your home. However, weight is not the only criteria used to decide on a tip – as mentioned above. 


You can tip an IKEA delivery driver for a job well done. But it is not compulsory to do so. They do the job nevertheless and get paid by their employer. Therefore a tip is a form of gesture more than anything. The decision to tip or not lies with you and how much to tip also is up to you. 

Consider how much work the driver has to do in order to deliver your item and also whether you are satisfied with the service before tipping. Tip also depends on the size of the item delivered and socially acceptable amount ranges from $5-$20.

Frequently asked questions 
  1. How much do IKEA delivery drivers make?

Around $38,315 and $42,032 per year

  1. Is tipping against IKEA rules?

IKEA does not have any policy against tipping or enforcing tipping. The company does not interfere and the decision is up to the customers themselves. 

  1. Do delivery fees go to the drivers? 

No, the delivery fee is collected by IKEA and does not go to the drivers.

Let Us Know More About- Do You Tip IKEA Delivery Drivers ?

Do You Tip IKEA Delivery Drivers?-Know More

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