Darvin Mattress Return Policy- Know More

Darvin is an American retail brand of furniture. The company is headquartered in Orland Park, Illinois. The company was instigated by Louis Darvin in 1920. Darvin is recognized as an enormous mattress and furniture store in Chicago. Darvin has also been awarded as Best Furniture in Northwest Indiana – 2012, 2015, Illinois Retail Merchant Association Retailer of the Year Award, Orland Park Community Pride Award, and many more. Let’s know about Darvin Mattress Return Policy.

Darvin Mattress Return Policy

Darvin is a retail brand whose demand for a mattress is increasing rapidly. The company provides returning, exchange as well as refunding policy. The return policy is not applicable on mattresses unless the customer has a consent letter from Darvin. The conditions for returning policy are different for every product. If a customer asks for a refund, then the refund will get provided to them in the original form of payment. Due to the pandemic, the company is not doing any returning or exchanging of the product to ensure the safety of the customers and staff. The company will continue the policy as soon as they get the notice. Here you will know all about the returning policy of mattresses, the refund, and many more.

Returning policy

Every company focuses on making their customer happy and satisfied by providing them with good and high-caliber products, but what if the customer is not satisfied with the product? What will the company do? Here’s the thing, the company offers a return policy where the customers who are not satisfied with their products can easily return them by contacting the customer care service. In Darvin, the return policy applies to every product, but there is no standard time limit as each product has different conditions for the return policy. 

Is the return policy applicable to mattresses?

It is not completely applicable to mattresses, as written approval will be needed from the manufacturer, then only the returning process can be done. Once the mattress is delivered or shipped then it is not eligible for return. The returning process of the mattress is a little more difficult than returning other merchandise.

Returns on merchandise

Sometimes it happens that when the product arrives then the customer is not satisfied with it because the product either does not match wit color of the wall, or curtains, or it can be anything. Darvin has fixed different conditions for different products. The products which have to get returned within 48 hours for a full refund are as follows:

  • Lamps
  • Accessories
  • Paintings
  • Area Rugs

Can the customer cancel the order if not delivered in time?

No, the customer does not have any right to cancel the order. Sometimes, minor inconveniences occur where the products take more time than the expected time. The delivery dates are based on the standard manufacturer. Just because the product is a little late doesn’t mean that it won’t be delivered. The customer needs to have a little patience as it won’t happen every time. The customer can cancel their orders only when they have a proper consent letter from Darvin.


A refund will be provided to you for the return of your item. The Sooner you inform the company about the return, the quicker they can help you with it. As soon as you inform them, an email will get sent to you for the refund. The refund will get provided as the original method of payment like:

  • If the payment gets made through cash, then the refund will be granted in the form of a cheque within five days
  • If the payment gets made through debit/credit card, then the refund will get credited to your amount within five days
  • If the payment is made via cheque, then the refund will be granted through cheque within 14 days. 

Can special orders be returned?

No, the special orders cannot get returned. Special items are not available in stock and get ordered for special requests. These orders are customized according to a particular customer’s needs and desires. Therefore such items are placed in a special order so they cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded.

Which type of payment method is acceptable to Darvin?

The payment methods acceptable by Darvin are debit cards and credit card payments such as MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Payments from third-party banks are also acceptable. If the customer wants to pay online, then they have to pay the full amount. If the customer wants to pay through cash or cheque, then they need to do it in-store.


To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, Darwin’s demand for mattresses is increasing rapidly, as they provide high caliber mattresses to their customers. However, the returning policy is not applicable on mattresses unless the customer has a consent letter from Darwin. The conditions of the return policy are different for every product. If the customer requests a refund, then it will get provided in the original method of payment.

Darvin Mattress Return Policy- Know More

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