Does IKEA Remove Old Mattress?

Mattresses are a person’s best friend. The best time of the day is when you sleep, and if the mattress is good, soft, and comfortable, you get a good sleep. But after a certain time, even the good mattresses wear out, and it is time to say goodbye to them. But the question arises what to do with them? Where to dump it? How to dump it? How much will the serviceman charge? Stop overthinking. Let’s know ‘Does IKEA Remove Old Mattress?’

Does IKEA Remove Old Mattress?

IKEA has made it very simple for you. Not many people know, but it has a program under which it removes your old mattresses. But to learn if you are eligible for that program, you must read the article. 

What is IKEA?

You have probably heard the name IKEA. And at least one furniture item at your house is guaranteed to be from IKEA. It is a Swedish company that has turned ready to assemble and move furniture around the world. From planters to dining tables and almirahs, IKEA has been the largest producer of furniture for more than three decades now. The readily available items, designs, utility-based products, and variety attract customers. It is currently providing its services in more than 50 countries.

Does IKEA remove old mattresses?

Yes, it does. You can Ask IKEA to remove your old mattresses. If they are coming to deliver a certain item, you can opt for a swap-in and can get your old mattress removed. If your mattress is in a decent condition, you can opt for a donation. IKEA can then donate the old mattress to asylum, orphanages, and old-age homes. If the mattress is damaged or in a bad condition, IKEA recycles it under the IKEA National Mattress Recycle Program.

What is the IKEA National Mattress Recycle Program?

In 2017, the US branch of IKEA announced a National Mattress Recycle Program. They stated that under this program IKEA will accept old mattresses, irrespective of their brand, and will implement sustainable development goals. They will convert these wasted mattresses into resources and then recycle them. This service gets offered for free in some the states such as California due to state regulations, while in some, a fee of $25 is charged. If you are an IKEA family member, you can avail of this service for free.

Does IKEA remove other furniture items?

Not only mattresses, but if you have any old furniture such as your sofa, IKEA will be delighted to remove it. This removal of furniture comes in its removal and recycling services under which they dispose of the old furniture in an environmentally friendly manner. This service is for free as is the mattress removal service. Whenever the IKEA team comes to deliver a new purchase, you can ask them to remove your old furniture. All the costs including the delivery are taken up by IKEA.

Does IKEA have a return policy?

IKEA recognizes that what you like in the showroom might not appeal to you at home. So it provides a return policy in which you can return an open product within 180 days. You have to provide the original receipt of payment to get a complete refund. There are a few conditions under which IKEA has the liberty to say no to return. Items such as plants, customized products, and cut fabric are not eligible for a return. If you want to exchange instead of returning, IKEA even has an exchange policy.

Does this mattress removal program apply to all the IKEA stores in the world?

While the above-given information was about the United States of America, there are other IKEA stores in the world where these furniture removal and recycling services are available. One of the countries in Taiwan. There you can recycle your old mattress, but you need to give a recycling fee that starts from $735 and goes up to $1,050 depending upon the type of mattress. The other process is the same, and you can get your mattress removed by getting it delivered from the IKEA delivery persons. Another place where this removal program is available is the United Kingdom. The procedure is the same, but the fee is £20 per item.


IKEA never fails to give the best to its customers. And simultaneously helps the world become a better place. Its national mattress recycles program is one of the many examples, which make IKEA the best furniture company in the world. You can get your old mattress removed from IKEA for free or for a small service fee. You can even get your other furniture items like the sofa removed and recycled. If your mattress is in good condition, you have an option to donate it to the needy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is IKEA furniture reliable?

IKEA is the best furniture company in the market. It is of superior quality. Apart from that, it is durable and easy to assemble. If your product is defective or damaged, you can contact IKEA customer care and opt for an exchange or return.

2. How to join the IKEA family?

You can join the IKEA family for free by going to the official website at your location. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will view the Welcome To The IKEA Family option. Click on that, and you will get redirected to the Join IKEA Family page. After that, you follow the instructions to join it.

3. What is IKEA’s mattress return policy?

IKEA allows you to adjust yourself to the new mattress. In case you are not comfortable with the mattress, you will get a chance to return it within 90 days. IKEA even gives a ten-year warranty for free, and any damages that have been done unintentionally or something wrong done by IKEA will be eligible for a repair under this guarantee.

4. Was the removal and recycling program available during COVID-19?

During the Covid 19 pandemic, IKEA, first and foremostly preferred the health and safety of its workers. So it suspended all the programs and policies, including the removal and recycling program to prevent exposure to the virus.

Does IKEA Remove Old Mattress?

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