How Much Does It Cost To Have Giclee Prints Made?

A Giclee Print is a fine art print produced by an inkjet printer, usually archival and usually made of pigment-based ink. A Giclee print is a high-resolution duplicate of an original piece of art. Many galleries, print shops, and artists use the word to suggest quality printing, but there is no warranty associated with it. There will be different prices for giclee by different artists. Prices range from $ 30 to $ 700, depending on the number of prints one wants. It also depends upon the elements material of the paper used, the type of printer, and the ink used. Let us learn ‘How much does it cost to have giclee prints made?’.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Giclee Prints Made?

Foundation of Giclee Print

Inkjet-printing artist Jack Duganne devised the term Giclee in 1991 to denote fine art digital prints made with inkjet printers. Originally, this name was used for fine art prints made with a modified Iris printer, which was invented around the late 1980s. The word giclee comes from the French ‘gicleur’ word, which is used to refer to a jet or a nozzle in French, and from the verb gicler, which means to blow. One can also use giclee prints for almost any kind of artwork. Giclee 12-color prints offer truly excellent quality reproductions, from computer-generated images and photos to original illustrations, oil paintings and watercolors.

Elements of Giclee Print

There are four main elements that make up a giclee print.

  1. A high print resolution is essential
  2. Make sure the print is made on acid-free archival paper. Ideally, this should be cotton or rag-based.
  3. It is important to use a printer that uses pigment-based inks for Giclee prints – often a large-format printer. Giclee prints are usually produced on large format printers that can hold up to 12 different color ink cartridges.
  4. It is imperative that one uses the correct ink. Rather than dyes, giclee prints are produced with pigment-based inks, in which colored particles are suspended in a liquid, rather than dyes. Utilizing pigment-based inks offers superior color tone, a longer lifespan of up to 100-200 years, and can reduce the possibility of smearing or staining.

Cost Range of Giclee Paint

PaperCanvasEstimated Price
8 x 106 x 8$ 30
9 x 127 x 9$40
11 x 138 x 10$50
12 x 159 x 11$60

Cost Issue Faced During Giclee Printing

In addition, the cost of Giclee can be an issue. In terms of volume print runs, Giclee will always cost more per unit than large litho runs. Anytime past 250–500 copies, economies of scale kick in for both traditional and digital lithographic printing. 


Prints made from giclee are a suitable alternative to original artwork if one cannot afford original artwork or if one wishes to bring their favorite digital art to realism. Illustrators and artists can create giclee prints that have the quality and feel of a real piece of artwork, and they will keep their value or even increase it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Giclee prints be expensive?

A paper print may be the most suitable choice if one has a limited budget and want a limited edition print. In order to know for certain, one will need to research matting and framing costs. One may like to consider buying a giclee printed on canvas if one is looking for a customized artwork with more options for display and which is something more like original artwork, and have some extra money to spend. 

  1. What is the cause for the high price of giclee prints?

As limited edition giclee prints have a high demand, they have worth from the moment they are printed first. However, as the artist’s reputation develops and the editions gain reputation in the market, these prints also become more appreciated over time.

  1. How does a Giclee differ from a print?

There are 12 colors used in the process, as well as acid-free paper, and pigment-based archival inks. As a result, one’s prints will never yellow or degrade over time, which will improve their longevity. Artists can provide their customers with quality prints that never fade with Giclee prints.

  1. What is the price of a Giclee print you make yourself?

Artists should calculate the price of the giclee print of their art work based on their hourly wage plus the cost of materials. The hourly wage should be reasonable and applicable for the hours the artist has worked.

  1. What is Giclee Premium paper?

Among fine art papers, Premium Giclee Fine Art paper is one of the most popular for its prominent texture. This print catches the light very well due to its matte white matte orange peel surface embossing and provides a very detailed print of the hand drawn art and looks exactly the same. 

How Much Does It Cost To Have Giclee Prints Made?

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