Nectar Mattress Return Policy – know more

Nectar Mattress Return Policy - know more

Whenever you are in a mattress store, you find everything new, clean, and exciting. But what if the moment you unpack it, you realize that this mattress is not the one for you. Believe it or not, this “rare” situation happens to thousands of people. When you are in such a situation, you decide to return it. The majority of people might think it is an easy process. What they do not recognize is the small details they need to be thorough with to return their mattress. This article will help you know about all the aspects of Nectar, one of the leading mattress companies in the USA, mattress return policy. 

Why would you need to return your mattress? 

An ordinary man may find choosing a mattress a very effortless task. But choosing the right mattress is not an easy job. There are several things that you have to keep in mind while selecting the right mattress for you. And when you do not, you can suffer from several problems, including psychological disorders, insomnia, and spinal issues. 

Here are signs that indicate you are sleeping on the wrong Nectar mattress.

  1. Some people need firm edge support, while some require zoned support. If the support structure of your mattress is not right, you should change it at the earliest.
  1. If you are a hot sleeper and want a mattress that cools down the temperature, you need to look for another one.
  1. If the bed foundation is not proper, the mattress will make you extremely uncomfortable and disturb your sleep cycles.
  1. If your mattress is of the wrong size, you will be able to sense your partner’s every movement and get a night of disturbed sleep.
  1. Even though the foam layers provide relief to the sleeper, they might or might not be enough for you. As a result, you may get pains or aches.

What is Nectar’s mattress return policy?

Nectar has one of the best return policies in the business. The base of the Nectar mattress return policy is the 365 Day Trial. The first 30 days are part of an adjustment cycle in which you get used to any new item such as a mattress. The human body needs time to adapt itself and adjust to the new springs. Nectar acknowledges this period. After 30 days, within a year of buying, if you are not satisfied with your mattress and want to return it, Nectar will respect your decision, take it back and refund your purchase. 

What does not get included in the mattress return policy?

If you are planning to return your mattress, you need to know what are the limitations associated with the Nectar mattress return policy. Even though Nectar has a very generous policy, there are a few conditions. These are as follows:-

  1. Only the orders delivered within the United States territory are applicable for return.
  1. White glove delivery or FedEx delivery charges are not included in the return.
  1. If the mattress is damaged, stained, soiled, or outside the normal wear and tear conditions, it is not applicable for a return.
  1. Mattresses not in a donatable condition are not accepted.
  1. You need to wait for at least 30 days before returning your mattress.
  1. You must open it and use it to be eligible to return it.
  1. In case you bought the mattress with a bunch of free themes, the price of those items would get deducted from the refund.

How to return your mattress?

If you are going to return your bed springs, you are in luck. Nectar allows you to follow a simple plan of action. The procedure of returning the matter is:-

STEP 1: Contact the Nectar customer care on 1-888-425-4854 or mail them at

STEP 2: Fill and send documentation requested by the Nectar officials within 30 days of requesting the return

STEP 3: Coordinate and set a pickup date for the mattress 

STEP 4: Give the bedsprings to a local charity institute or a recycling center

STEP 5: Get a refund through your original mode of payment within three business days

The process is direct. However, you must fill out the requested documents in time. If you fail to do so, you will have to repeat the entire process. And if it goes beyond 365 days, Nectar Will have the right to disqualify your return.

What is Nectar’s exchange policy?

If your mattress is defective, you can request only one exchange. If you want to exchange your springs, you will have to go through the procedure of returning your existing mattress and waiting for the return. Simultaneously you can order another mattress which suits you. Nectar also offers a forever warranty. If your mattress is defective and comes under the guarantee, then Nectar will replace or repair your spring mattress free of cost. The shipping charges do not get included, though.


Nectar has one of the best mattresses in the sleep industry. And its return policy is also one of the best. It is a 365 Days Trial, that is very accommodating, and considers the point of view of the customers. If you own a Nectar mattress you want to return and you know you fit under all the requirements and conditions of its return policy, what are you waiting for? Contact them now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where does Nectar ship its products?

Nectar currently ships only to the contiguous US territory. They also ship to Hawaii and Alaska. But shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is for an additional amount of $150 per large item.

2. What is the Nectar mattress better than the Casper mattress?

If you want a softer and cushier feel, the Nectar mattress is for you. The Nectar mattress uses more memory foam. Hence, making it an ideal choice for solving-moving sleepers. 

3.What modes of payments are accepted by Nectar?

Nectar accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover apart from cash. They even have financing options like Affirm and SplitIt. It even accepts Amazon Pay and PayPal. Prepaid credit cards are not accepted by Nectar.

4.What material gets used for making these mattresses?

Nectar uses polyester, nylon, polyethylene to make a memory all-foam layer. It has a gel memory foam that cools down the temperatures by distributing your body weight and temperature.

Nectar Mattress Return Policy – know more

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