Samsung Student Discount

Samsung is a South Korean multinational manufacturing company. This company is the one of largest manufacturing companies all over the world. As time passed this company has become the largest company in the international Business market. As we all know that they produce electronic products under their manufacturing house. As the largest manufacturer, they give discount offers on their products in the market. This offer comes as a good deal for the buyers as well as sellers. Samsung offers an educational discount on their products for the students who are pursuing any degree or relevant. Let’s know about Samsung Student Discount.

Samsung Student Discount

We have gathered some reliable information about the Samsung student discount offer plan and the whole process for you. This information will help you to know the offering plan and how to access the plan to get an offer on the Samsung products. If you are interested to know more about student discount offers then please read the full paragraph given below.

What is the student discount program at Samsung?

As we all know, Samsung is the biggest multinational electronic manufacturing company. They offer many offers and discounts on their products. Among the many discount offers, they introduced us to a new offer program. This discount program is particularly for the students. Yes, the multinational manufacturer company has introduced us to the SAMSUNG STUDENT DISCOUNT PROGRAMME. In this program, Samsung group offers a huge discount to their student customers for buying their products. The discounts are worth a huge amount of 20% to 35% so that helps students very much.

What is the Samsung student referral program?

The multinational company Samsung has announced a student referral program for their student customers. Under this referral program, they allow a flat 8% discount on smartphones and other Samsung gadgets by referring friends and family on their official website ( There is another referral savings method that will give you up to ₹1500 incentives in a voucher form. After every successful purchase is completed by the person you referred to, you will get the incentive voucher. There are more than 15 products available under this student referral program including smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets.

Which products are under the student discount offer?

There are more than 15 to 20 products that come under a student discount offer. It depends on the product launching and marketing of a product model. Sometimes the student discount offers are available on 5 to 10 products or sometimes more than 20 products come under the student discount offer. We have prepared a list of recent Samsung products on which a student discount offer is available.

  • Samsung galaxy tab S7+ is available down from $1029.99 to $679.99
  •  Save $550 on galaxy bool flex2 alpha with windows 10 home 
  •   Save $550 on galaxy book pro, intel core i5
  •   Save $250 on galaxy S21 ultra 5G 
  •  Get Samsung galaxy Z Flip3 5G for $949.99

How do enroll to get a student discount?

Firstly you have to register to be an eligible candidate for this student discount offer program. There are some easy steps for registration. Please note that you must have to use your school email address for the registration process, otherwise they won’t approve the offer. There are methods which will help you to access the discount offer

Method 1: Student identification method

·   Visit the Samsung student identification website

·   Upload your student ID and complete the verification process and take proof from the website.

·   Visit the nearest Samsung store and purchase your product and show the discount offer proof to get the advantage.

Method 2: Get the offer using the school/college email ID

·   Visit the nearest Samsung store

·   Select the product you want to purchase

·   Show the college email ID at the time of the billing process

How can the students get the discount?

Many students and educators can’t afford the variety of Samsung products. This student discount program helps the student and also the educators to use the Samsung gadgets and tools for learning purposes. Students and educators can easily access the student discount program. They need to visit Samsung’s official website and click on the “student discount offer”. Then the student buyers will find exciting offers and discount deals on the products.

Does everyone get a student discount offer?

No, this student discount offer program is only for the students and the educators who are pursuing any higher degree. There are many other programs under the Samsung group for others like business discount programs for office workers.


Samsung student discount offer is available around the whole world. The discount percentage varies country-wise. This discount offer helps the student very much. You just need to follow some steps and in return, you will get many benefits from the Samsung student discount program.

Samsung Student Discount

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