Does Xbox Accept Prepaid Cards? – Know More

The gaming community has been on the rise now for a long time. It is predicted that it will be the largest industry and market in no time. Games can be played on PCs, mobiles, Nintendo Switches and consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. Xbox is one of the best selling gaming consoles, no doubt it offers the smoothest experience for gaming no other device or company can. If you are one of those gamers, you may need to buy something from the Xbox or Microsoft store or maybe would like to subscribe to the game pass. So, you can enjoy the games on your other devices seamlessly. Let us learn ‘Does Xbox accept Prepaid Cards?’.

Does Xbox Accept Prepaid Cards?

Payment Methods

You will need to have a Microsoft account to purchase anything from the Microsoft store. You can make the purchases not only on an Xbox but also using any other device from the Microsoft store’s website, but what are the payment methods accepted. Here is a list of accepted payment methods by Microsoft Store to pay for Subscription, Games or In-game purchases. 

  • Credit cards, also includes prepaid credit cards
  • Debit cards (Note that Debit cards are not accepted in all the regions)
  • PayPal (Note that PayPal is not accepted in all the regions)
  • Mobile operator billing (Note that Mobile operator billing is not accepted in all the regions)
  • Direct debit (Only accepted in Germany)

This was a list of accepted payment methods by the Microsoft store to purchase games or subscriptions for your Xbox. You might anytime want to change the payment method for some reason, and here is how you do it.

  • Click on the Xbox button, a guide will be opened
  • Navigate to Profile and system > Settings > Account > Payment and billing
  • Click on Add a payment method
  • Select the desired payment method, follow the on-screen instructions to update the payment method

It is pretty easy to change the payment method, but you might also want to remove the old payment method you no longer wish to use after adding another payment method. Here is how you do it, but before that, something to remember here is that removing a payment method is only possible if you add a secondary option. Hence, this is not a way to cancel the subscription.

  • Click on the Xbox button, a guide will open
  • Navigate to Profile and system > Settings > Account > Payment and billing
  • You will see your current payment method here, which is being used to make the payment. Click the remove button to remove it
  • A confirmation message will pop-up asking if you really want to remove the payment method. Click Yes, remove

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox offers various kinds of subscriptions for a variety of people with different requirements. Actually, the Xbox Game Pass subscription could sometimes be confusing for some users, not because of the number of plans. It is only three, which is not confusing at all. What might confuse the gamers here is the Xbox Live Gold. Here is what it is and its use.

The Xbox Live Gold is also kind of a subscription that includes Deals with Gold, Games with Gold, and console multiplayer. You can get this at a value of $9.99 per month.

Here are the other subscription plans offered of Xbox Game Pass provided by Microsoft, which are three in number to be accurate.

  • Console – This is an excellent option to go for if you are a gamer just beginning with their journey or just a part-time gamer, or even if you do gaming as a hobby. This plan is the best option, costing you only $9.99 per month. 

It will include over 100 quality games on the Xbox console. New games will be added all the time, Xbox Studios titles the releases the same day. You will also be given member discounts and deals.

  • PC – This subscription is the same as the Console one, but as the name suggests, it is for PCs. It offers all the same perks as the Console Subscription plan. One hundred quality games on your PC. New games will be added all the time, Xbox Studios titles the releases the same day. 

Also, members discounts and deals, but here is something you get more with it. Electronic Arts Play is a library of the best Electronic Arts games ever released on PC, exclusive rewards, and also member-only content

  • Ultimate – Nothing could be better for you if you are a professional gamer. This subscription is simply the best one for professional gamers. It offers 100 quality games not on either console or PC but console, PC, and even mobile devices! Hilarious, isn’t it? You get to play those high-quality games on consoles and PC on your mobile devices too.

New games will be added all the time, Xbox Studios titles the releases the same day. This subscription will also offer you Exclusive member discounts and deals. Allows you to play high-quality games from the cloud! 

Some free perks include in-game paid content for free and partner offers if any. All this for a price of $14.99 per month. This will also have the Xbox Live Gold subscription, and of course, the Electronic Arts Play too.


Xbox Ultimate subscription seems tempting, and everyone would want it. Good if it is affordable to you, it is actually meant for professional gamers anyway. So it does not matter if you can not get that. Other subscriptions also provide what a new gamer would need at a lower price, so it is a better option to go for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ultimate subscription worth it?

Totally it is, in my opinion. Whatever it offers is just everything a gamer would ever want.

Is the Xbox Live Gold included with all the subscriptions?

No, the Xbox Live Gold is not included with all the subscriptions. You can only get that if you decide to go for the Ultimate subscription as it is not available in the other two plans.

Does Xbox Accept Prepaid Cards? – Know More

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