Fox Network is a popular name in the entertainment industry. With Fox Network in your channel lineup, you’ll never get bored. Here you can watch great TV shows, popular movies, news updates, and more. This is why the Fox network is very much loved by Americans. Since its inception, this channel has continued to produce high-quality entertainment content, setting the standard for the broadcasting industry. Let us see about What channel is fox on spectrum?.



Spectrum subscribers can access the Fox channel in whatever package they have selected. However, keep in mind that channels vary by location and region. Here is a list of Fox channel numbers as per city/state 

City/State NameChannel Number 
Portland. Maine 4
Orlando, Florida3
Raleigh, North Carolina 13
San Antonio, Texas 11


Fox Network is a US-based broadcaster, and one of the most popular channels in the entertainment industry for all good reasons. Whether it’s super-hit movies, standout TV shows, thrilling sports or breaking news, Fox has it all for you. 

So it should be on your channel list. The network has been successful since its inception. Remaining on top-ranked channels, it has attracted millions of viewers, constantly providing high-quality video content and powerful entertainment, and has established a high standard in the entertainment and broadcast world.


Fox Channel sets itself apart from other channels by continuing to deliver high quality entertainment content, including original releases, great shows, and the best movies of all time. Some of the best films that can make anyone attract towards Fox entertainment include Daredevil, Fantastic Four.

If you are not a regular Fox viewer, you are missing out on a lot of quality entertainment. This is why all cable service providers ensure that Fox channel is available in their TV plans and shows. Not forgetting how Kung Fu Panda and Rio made us laugh right away.

Fox Channel leads the way when it comes to news updates and always delivers news locally and globally with full authentication and accountability

Even better is the fact that there are also business-specific channels to disseminate information on economic aspects throughout the region.

Therefore, Fox has everything. It’s no wonder it’s so popular with the masses that it continues to provide the best information to the audience.


  1. Fox News

Start your day with Fox News, where you’ll stay updated as you prepare to work. The channel provides national, local and international news to keep you informed. The channel not only has weather forecasts and news updates, but also political talk shows, economics, and more. This means that you will get a detailed and in-depth analysis of everything.

  1. Prodigal Son

Malcolm Bright, one of the best criminal psychologists, uses his devious genius to help the New York Police Department solve crime problems.

  1. The Resident

The storyline is about a young doctor who begins his first day at work under a talented but tough executive dedicated to reporting on the good and the bad in modern medicine. Lives are always saved and lost, but all expectations are dashed.


Spectrum TV is concerned with providing the best service to its viewers and bringing out the best channels for their entertainment needs. Fox channel is a particular priority when it comes to Spectrum’s lineup. So no matter which spectrum plan you choose, you are likely to find Fox channel in it.

As you have all the relevant information about the Fox channel on your Spectrum cable. Start watching Fox right now. Those who want to keep up with fun and entertainment content, Fox Network is a spot for you. Contact customer support for more information on accessing certain packages, including Fox Networks.


What is the channel number of Fox on the spectrum cable?

The channel availability  depends on where you live, as the channel number varies from place to place. Thus it becomes necessary to confirm your location to find the correct channel number. You can also visit the official Spectrum website and enter your address to get the detailed information.

How do I order Fox PPV on Spectrum?

The TV  remote makes it easy to browse the list of the specific PPV.  All you need to do is press OK, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete. Availability of the program also depends on your current location.

Is Fox Business part of Spectrum’s channel lineup?

The answer to this question is Yes, the Fox Business Network is part of Spectrum’s broadcast service. And it is available on either Spectrum Select Silver or Gold package.

Does Spectrum offer Fox Sports on their channel lineup?

Spectrum lets sports fans watch all the exciting matches that interest them. To meet this desire, Spectrum provides access to the Fox Sports channel.

 To find a Fox channel on Spectrum, you need to know that ​​the channel number depends on the location.


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