Do Walgreens Have Bathrooms?

A very funny question you might think but let’s picture a scenario where you are out at the medicine store and become badly pressed and need to use the bathroom urgently; probably a case of diarrhea and then you realize there is no provision whatsoever for a convenience to ease yourself. Tragic right? Worse still if your home is far from your present location. Do you now see the need for a bathroom at any public place? Definitely. I’m a believer that every public place needs to have a functional bathroom for people of all ages. It is a necessity.

Walgreens stores do have provisions for restrooms in their more than 8000 outlets across the United States. These public bathrooms are tailored to the needs of any individual who visits them; young, old, and even for persons with disabilities. They are fitted with modern bathroom fixtures, a running water system, and toilet paper making your bathroom visit a pleasant one. If you’re like me, you might wonder why this is even a topic to be discussed because it is only ideal that public places with a reasonable amount of human activity should have restrooms. Let me know if you have ever stumbled on a place that had no restrooms.

From my research, I’ve found out that most Walgreens bathrooms or restrooms are usually locked and will require a staff to open for a visitor. Does this sound strange to you? Well, the store receives about six million customers daily according to Business insider; this isn’t surprising as Walgreens is one of the leading pharmacy chains in the country. You would agree that leaving the bathrooms carelessly would not only result in a dirty environment but would also bring a bad reputation for the company. And so I strongly believe that this is a great preventive measure to curb a menace that is likely to occur.

Bathroom Policies

Furthermore, there has been a recent regulation in the bathroom policies guiding the store. Since 2018, it has been implemented that individuals have the right to choose whatever bathroom suits their preferences and varied gender identities. This was necessary to guard against discrimination and unjust treatment especially based on the outward appearance of an individual. The policies were reviewed after an incident of a lady who was restricted from using the female restroom simply because she was perceived to be a man owing to her outfit on the said date. This is only one out of the many cases of discrimination while using the bathroom and therefore needed to be rectified. This is a very good step taken by management and would go a long way in making everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Do Walgreens Have Bathrooms?

Are the Bathrooms Cleaned?

  The bathrooms are regularly cleaned and maintained by cleaning staff and can be accessed by anyone. Recall that they’re usually under lock and would require the attention of staff to gain access which is done for this exact reason; to keep it in good condition. Realistically, everyone who makes use of the bathroom has a part to play in its cleanliness. It would be totally inappropriate to leave the water closet unflushed after use or clogged by dropping items that should go into the bin in there. 

Doing so would spell irresponsibility and what’s more selfishness on your part. We show appreciation for those that work hard to keep the bathrooms in top shape and also respect for the next customer by leaving the restroom even cleaner than you met it. With each person having such a conscious effort and maintaining proper restroom etiquette, the bathrooms would be a safe place to be used without the fear of seeing something nasty or for lack of a better word, traumatic. 

We can now conclude that Walgreens indeed have bathrooms that are kept clean from time to time. They cater to people of varied gender identities and are kept locked until requested for use. This is done to maintain cleanliness and orderliness. So whenever you pop into a Walgreens store, feel free to use the bathroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Walgreens in the UK?

No, it is not in the UK. The drugstore called Boots is owned by a company affiliated with Walgreens

  • Are Walgreens and Walmart the same?

No, they’re not. They work independently of each other.

  • Do Walgreens have wheelchair-accessible bathrooms?

Yes, the bathrooms are designed to cater to persons with disabilities

  • How many countries does Walgreens operate in?

It operates in about 11 countries of the world in more than 13000 stores.

  • Is Covid-19 testing available at Walgreens stores?

Yes, they now offer free drive-through testing for children above three years and also home testing kits.

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Do Walgreens Have Bathrooms?

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