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Timpson is a British company operated by Timpson Ltd.  William Timpson and Walter Joyce founded the company in 1865 as a shoe retailer and repairing company. Today, the company has expanded to a wide range of services under the leadership of John Timpson (Chairman) and James Timpson (Chief Executive). The company provides repair services, dry cleaning, and laundry. Timpson repair broken watches, phones, tablets, shoes, clothing, damaged car keys, and cuts and copies keys. In addition, they offer 24 hours nationwide locksmith services in the UK. So, Does Timpson do alterations?

Does Timpson do alterations?

Does Timpson do alterations?

Timpson provides you best alteration experience with their quality alteration services at affordable and competitive prices. To avail of their services, you have to pay a visit to the nearest store. Their expert tailors would give you valuable suggestions and advice for alteration.

We often have an experience of difficulty fitting in our favorite old clothes, or while shopping, we find an oversized dress, but it is too pretty to let go. What can we do in these situations? Well, we can alter those clothes.

Timpson alterations services

The following are the services provided by Timpson for repairing and alteration of clothes at their stores:

  • Trouser Alteration: Shortening and lengthening, half pocket, full pocket, taper legs, and take in/take out
  • Dresses Alteration: shorten/ lengthen, take in, take out
  • Jackets Alteration: Shorten sleeves 
  • Coats Alteration: Shorten the length 
  • Zip attachment 
  • Button replacement for coats, jackets, shirts, trousers, and dresses. Re-sew buttonholes 
  • Replace hook and bar and many more
  • Fine detailing and embellishment 
  • Personal attention to cloths

Other Timpson Owned Stores That Provide Alteration Services

1. In 2017, Timpson bought Jeeves of Belgravia and Jeeves International, providing alteration and tailoring services. So, Jeeves comes under the umbrella of Timpson with a different name. Jeeves offers dry cleaning, laundry, and alteration services, but services can vary according to location worldwide. They also alter and repair wedding dresses. They have a team of tailors specializing in alteration. They can visit the home of customers to take the required measurements. 

2. Johnsons, The Cleaners: In January 2017, Timpson purchased Johnsons Cleaners UK along with Jeeves Belgravia, which is now a subsidiary of Timpson. They offer alteration and repair services. They are specialized in zipping and tear repairs, buttonhole re-sewing, altering and resizing cloths, etc, 

3. Columbine Dry Cleaners: Columbine dry cleaners offer alteration and repair services. They can shorten trousers and curtains, relining coats, etc.

Other Stores Offering Free Alteration Services

Many stores offer free alteration services on the purchase

  • Nike: Free alteration of pant hemming for women’s athletics apparel
  • Ralph Lauren: Provide complimentary alteration for men’s and women’s clothing in selected stores for free. 
  • Buckle: Free alteration for denim pants within 30 days of purchase. Service available for both in-store and online purchases from

Companies offering paid alteration and repairing services 

  • Mulberrys Garment care: They offer alteration, tailoring, and repairing services in California and Minnesota, USA. They give a 20% discount to new customers on the first order. 
  • Go2Bella: Based in Atlanta, USA, they have provided alteration services for 25 years. They also offer bridal alteration.

Finding The Services

Timpson is spread all across in UK and Ireland. They have 721 shops in local supermarkets and 559 shops on High Street so that it is easily reachable for customers at any other Timpson shop. You can find the Timpson shop around you by entering your postcode, town, and city at their website as they have many stores across London. Jeeves Belgravia offers its services in Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East.

Customer Feedbacks

Customers have given thumbs up for the Timpson alteration service on the customer feedback site trustiest. A customer wrote about her experience on how perfectly Timpson tailor has altered her three coats within an hour. A female customer shared her experience with the friendly and welcoming staff, and 17 years experienced tailor altered her bridesmaid dress.

Another customer availed Timpson alteration services to shorten and tie the voile curtain and it was done perfectly.  One more customer took her pairs of jeans to Timpson to alter, she always uses Timpson services and the tailor always did a great job. So many positive comments Timpson has received on-site and they got five stars for their alteration service. 


We can conclude that Timpson is in the business of alteration but not on a larger scale as in dry cleaning, laundry, and shoe repairing. If you are style cautious, creative, and got bored with the old piece of cloth, you can alter your clothes and create your new design by adding a little twist to them. Local brands are dedicated to only alteration and repairing companies creating big competition for Timpson. But yes, Timpson alters clothes, and they have great scope in this business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Timpson Offer An Online Appointment For Alteration Services?

A: No, they have in-store services. You have to visit the nearest local store to avail of the service. So you all need availability and accessibility to resources. Timpson is the best option for alteration across London.

  1. What Are The Charges For Alteration Of Cloth In Timpson?

A: Prices can vary according to the cloth alteration requirement. On visiting the local store, the staff can guide you about the best prices.

Does Timpson do alterations? – Know More

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