Who does opticsplanet use for shipping?

Opticsplanet is your one stop shop for all of your outdoor shooting and hunting equipment requirements. Ranging from ammunition and other shooting accessories to hunting products, clothing and suitable boots or shoes for such activities, all products are available for purchase at Optics planet. Opticsplanet can be approached by clicking on their website, opticsplanet.com or your can download the application from App Store in iOS and Play Store in Android gadgets. So, Who does opticsplanet use for shipping?

Who does opticsplanet use for shipping?

Opticsplanet ships its products to regions in the United States as well as international areas (depending on availability of services). For shipping in the US as well as international shipping, Opticsplanet uses UPS and USPS postal services.

Opticsplanet Shipping In The US

Shipping of Opticsplanet products to the US region uses UPS and USPS postal services. For the lower 48 states, shipping is done through UPS ground. Shipping charges are not applicable if the order placed is worth more than 29.95 USD. For the military states up North, shipping is done through USPS Priority mail.

Even in these states, shipping charges are not applicable if the order is worth more than 29.95 USD. Upon requests, however, these shipping services can be changed according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

Products Available On Opticsplanet

The products available on Optics planet include:

  • Optics and related products such as magnifiers, microscopes, predator binoculars, red dot sights, spotting scopes, thermal imaging, weapon lights, fibre optic night sights etcetera.
  • Ammunition such as bullets of varying sizes, hand guards, upper receivers, iron sights, gun parts, holsters, rifle triggers etcetera.
  • It also sells proper apparel and footwear in regard to shooting, hunting and other protective devices.
  • You can also find hunting and archery related products on Opticsplanet.

Opticsplanet Shipping To International Locations

Shipping is done to International locations only if UPSand USPS services are available to the given address. Nevertheless, shipping taxes and duties and similar charges for the product to reach the international location are to be beared upon the customers and not on Opticsplanet. 

It is suggested that the expenses are cut down by using UPS Worldwide Express and USPS Global Priority Mail services in comparison with other services that supposedly deliver to international locations. In any instance, if these services cannot deliver to said location, other services are chosen for delivery.

For delivery to Canada, UPS Standard to Canada and USPS Global Priority Mail are advised for delivery services. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is also done using UPS and USPS services.

Here is how you fill address for locations outside US:

  • Do not mention anything in the ‘State’ category.
  • Enter the name of your city in the ‘City’ category.
  • Enter the name of your country in the ‘Country’ category.
  • Mention your country code in the ZIP category.

In How Many Days Can I Expect My Delivery?

For orders that are already available in-store, delivery in the US region is done within 1-2 business days. If the order is unavailable, it is sent to the customer directly from the manufacturer and this process might take a little while. 

If the delivery takes longer than expected, Opticsplanet would contact you regarding the same after which you can choose the option of either cancelling your order or going ahead with the suggested time of delivery.

Tracking The Ordered Products

After the order has been placed and the transaction performed, a confirmatory email is sent to the given email address which has UPS or USPS tracking number. You can tap into the link that is sent or else you can go to the website of UPS or USPS and select track order, provide the tracking number and the status of the order is received on your phone.

UPS Delivery 

For UPS delivery, you can get on the UPS tracking page or get on to the website and there on, the tracking page. The database might take about 1 to 2 days to get updated with your tracking number and henceforth can’t be accessed as soon as you receive the order. 

USPS Postal Service

You can access  tracking of your package via USPS website and getting into the tracking page.


Opticsplanet uses UPS and USPS postal services for delivery of their products in the US and also international locations to which these services deliver. If UPS mad USPS cannot deliver, you can choose another service that could deliver to your location and mention in while placing the order.

Who does opticsplanet use for shipping?

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