Who does TSC use for shipping?

Today’s Shopping Choice, TSC is a shopping company based in Canada. TSC started its journey as a television channel called Canadian Home Shopping Channel. They sell their products through their e-commerce site, television channel, application, social media, and live streams. Customers can purchase apparel, beauty products, jewelry, electronics, toys, kitchen, and other home-related products on TSC. TSC is a fully Canadian-owned company, so it relates to people’s national interest in buying Canadian products. The company also claims to go green to reduce environmental impact. So, Who does TSC use for shipping?

Who does TSC use for shipping?

TSC uses Canada Post for shipping its product to the customers. TSC sells the product only in Canada. They have a network of 6200 post offices across Canada. They claim to provide secure shipping and tracking for the orders.

Product Delivery Time

The TSC provides three ways of parcel delivery options via Canada Post. Express delivery takes 1 to 3 business days to reach the customer’s doorstep. Express delivery can deliver the item the next day when it orders before noon till 10:59 am. Standard delivery takes about 5 to 10 business days to deliver the parcel, and the order Pick up delivery method available at TSC’s national distribution center afternoon. This service is available for the area around Toronto City.

Customers can pick up the orders from the Rogers 302 stores in Toronto. Only those customers whose address is within a 5 Km radius are eligible to choose this service. Sometimes an order may take up to 15 to 21 business days to deliver the order if it is directly shipped from the supplier.

Shipping Rate

The shipping rate of Canada Post depends upon the weight and dimension of a package, and the maximum weight allowed in Canada post shipping services is 30 kg or 66lb. To check the approximate shipping rate, you can visit Canada Post’s website, or when you purchase from TSC and check out the item, shipping charges are shown in the bill.

The Canada Post charges for regular parcel price of 0.50 kg (1.1lbs), starting from $10.34 up to 17.68 depending on the place. They add extra charges with every 0.5 Kg increase in weight. For a 30 Kg (66lbs) parcel, the minimum charge is $35.74, and the maximum amount is $205.27. 

Free Shipping On TSC

TSC offers free shipping on selective purchases or the shopping over specific cost value and coupons for free shipping.

1. On the shopping over $99, you are eligible for free shipping. You can use coupon code SHIP99 to avail of the service.

The condition for this offer is:

  • It should be your birthday month
  • The total weight of the order should be a maximum of 20lbs.

2. Another free shipping offer from TSC is on beauty products. Beauty products that cost $75 and more with a weight under 20lbs are eligible for free delivery.

3. If the overall order costs more than $150 and weights under 20lbs are also eligible for free delivery by using coupon code SHIP150. The given offers are limited to specific areas, auto-delivery products are not applicable, and offers can be available for a limited time. 

Return Charges

The product has to be returned within 30 days. When you return your parcel, TSC does give a full refund of the purchase, excluding the shipping charge, and some return shipping charges apply according to the weight as follows. 

  • For items that weigh less than 10lbs, applicable charges are $6.99
  • For items weighing between 10lbs to 25lbs, applicable charges are $15 
  • For an item that weighs more than 25lbs, applicable charges are $25

Customer Feedback For The Shipping Services 

Customers have given good feedback about the quality of products from TSC, but there are complaints regarding the shipping services. Many customers had complained that the delivery of product took more than the expected time, sometimes it was more than one and half months. Customers also pointed out the communication gap between the customer care services and inaccurate tracking details.


TSC sells lifestyle products on its site to Canadian customers. They have partnered with Canada Post for shipping services. As they deliver their products only in Canada, they do not take more than 10-12 days on average. But in some exceptions, orders can be delayed up to more than 20 days. But TSC and Canada Post may want to work with their shipping services for a better experience for customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is Auto-Delivery Of The Product?

Answer: On TSC, when you order something for once, you do not have to order it again and again. You will receive your order in 30, 60, or 90 days. The company will accept the payment towards the product through your credit card. Products bought through auto-delivery are returnable.

  1. What Are The Payment Options Available On Tsc?

Answer: TSC credit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, TSC and Roger gift Card, PayPal, Toronto Blue Jays Gift Card.

Who does TSC use for shipping?

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