Does Petco Sell Monkeys?

Monkeys are some of the most intelligent animals out there. Intuitive, sharp, and equipped with the power of opposable thumbs, it is understandable why some people are so fascinated by them. However, while they certainly are magnificent creatures, it isn’t always the wisest decision to have them as pets. 

In the United States, nineteen states do not allow monkeys to be kept as pets. Even though most states don’t criminalize having a monkey as a pet, they are still not widely available. One of the largest pet retailers in America – Petco – proves this as it does not sell monkeys as pets, even in the states where this is allowed. There are quite a few reasons why Petco doesn’t sell monkeys. Even if you put the ethical aspect aside, monkeys are animals that need a lot of space, care, and food; in other words, they’re costly to maintain. If you want to buy a monkey and it’s legal in your state, you should look into private sellers since mainstream chains like Petco are not likely to sell them.

Why Having a Monkey as A Pet Can Be A Bad Idea

  • They were costly. 

Since you can’t purchase a monkey through any mainstream retailer, you’ll have to find an obscure private dealer who can sell you one. Not only are these dealers extremely hard to find, but when you do get one, it’ll cost you around $4000 to $8000. After you have your monkey, you’ll need to invest a lot of money in making sure it is housed and fed correctly. Monkeys can also get conditions like diabetes as they age, and treating these will be very expensive. 

  • They can be aggressive. 

When you first see a baby monkey, you’ll probably think it’s the sweetest, most docile creature you’ve ever seen. However, as monkeys grow older, they get more aggressive and territorial. This can lead to violent behaviors like biting and scratching – even if you’re the monkey’s primary caregiver, they can still get aggressive with you. Moreover, since monkeys are so territorial, they’ll likely bond with their primary caregiver and display hostile behavior to anyone who is not this person. So, if you have guests over, don’t put it past your monkey to attack them. 

  • They carry diseases. 

Like all animals, monkeys carry a lot of diseases. Most notably, monkeys can transmit Herpes B to their owners through scratches and bites. Humans can also give monkeys a lot of diseases, and it can be argued that it is unfair to the poor animal. 

  • Primates are too intelligent to be petted. 

Monkeys are primates, just like humans. They’re brilliant, highly intuitive, and ultra social animals. If you strip them from their mothers at a young age and force them to live without the company of other monkeys, you are psychologically stunting them. 

  • They’re destructive. 

Monkeys engage in urine spraying and feces throwing for play or territory marking purposes. They will destroy your home, and there isn’t any natural way to stop this without hurting the monkey. Your home will look terrible, but it’ll also smell pretty horrendous. 

  • They live very long. 

Like most primates, monkeys have very long lifespans. They can live up to forty years, and for an animal that isn’t very easy to maintain and care for, buying a monkey can turn into a lifelong burden. 

Does Petco Sell Monkeys?

Other Unique Animals You Can Get from Petco

So, you can’t satisfy your desire to own a monkey? Well, don’t worry; if you want an excellent pet, Petco still has a lot of great options. 

  • Ferrets

If you want an interactive and intelligent pet, getting a ferret might be the thing for you. Ferrets are curious about the world around them and are always looking to explore. They’re also pretty quiet, so that you won’t worry about excess noise. They’re also exceptionally social, which makes them great to bond with. However, if you have other small animals like rabbits, getting a ferret might not be the best idea as they can also be predatory. Also, ferrets are best suited for adults rather than children since they can bite if startled.

  • Bearded Dragons 

Bearded dragons might be Petco’s most remarkable animal. These reptiles look epic and prehistoric, but they’re also low maintenance. Bearded dragons are super gentle and aren’t fussy – all you have to make sure they’re fed regularly and cared for properly. The one negative with having these glorious lizards as pets is that they often get sick, which can shorten their lifespan. 

  • Snakes

Snakes are generally considered mysterious and exciting animals, and they can also be great pets. Petco sells over half a dozen varieties of snakes, and most of them are smaller pythons. Snakes are low maintenance, and even though they’re not great for bonding, they can still be good company. 


You won’t find a monkey at any mainstream pet retailer like Petco, and in fact, it might even be illegal to own one in the state you live in. If you want one, you’ll have to look into private dealers, and it’ll cost you quite a bit. However, before you decide to purchase a monkey, you should consider that advanced primates aren’t well-suited to being pets. Of course, you will be harming the animal, but you’ll also be putting yourself in for a very challenging and laborious experience. 

If you want a unique pet for companionship and bonding, you can look at some of Petco’s other options. Pets like ferrets and snakes offer you plenty of company while also being safe and easy to look after pets. 

Does Petco sell chinchillas? 

Yes, Petco sells chinchillas, and it also sells their food and accessories for them. 

Can I own a monkey in California? 

No, you cannot own a monkey in California. Monkeys can cause a lot of damage to wildlife and the environment, and as a consequence, they are illegal to keep as pets in California. 

Does Petco sell chameleons? 

Yes, Petco sells chameleons, and it has quite a few different varieties of them, such as the Panther Chameleon and the Veiled Chameleon. 

Does Petco Sell Monkeys?

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