Does Sam’s Club Remove Old Mattress?

 A mattress is one of the few household items that qualify as a form of long-term investment. But like every household item, they grow old, saggy, and uncomfortable over time. Changing the old mattress for a new one is the next thing to do at this time. However, because most beds are large and heavy, swapping an old mattress for a new one becomes a difficult task for one person. To solve this, some stores, in addition to their delivery service, offer shoppers the additional assistance of removing an old mattress to install a new one. Let’s see ‘Does Sam’s Club Remove Old Mattress?’.

Does Sams Club Remove Old Mattress?

Upon delivery of a new mattress, Sam’s Club offers members the additional service of removing an old mattress upon request. However, the delivery service may refuse to touch the old mattress where the bed is infected or deemed a biohazard.

Does Sam’s Club Mattress Delivery Service Include Getting Rid Of Old Mattresses?

Famous for selling brand-name beds at affordable prices, Sam’s Club also offers its members the additional assistance of removing their old mattresses upon request. This extra service includes a proper hauling away or disposal of the old mattress by the delivery service. So, a customer need not worry about what to do with the old bed.

However, as we stated, this is upon request. Hence, customers who want the assistance of the delivery service in removing and installing the beds would have to request this service which may come at an additional fee.

If the old mattress is infested with bugs or deemed a biohazard; or considered harmful to the health of anyone who comes in contact with it, the delivery policy states that the delivery personnel may refuse to touch it.

What Type of Store Is Sam’s Club?

Similar to Costco, Sam’s Club is a members-only warehouse club. Named after Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, the club aims to help members save on costs while purchasing needed items. To achieve this Sam’s Club offers top brand products or items to its members at affordable prices and in bulk. 

According to reviews, customers can save as much as 40% when shopping at one of its outlets.

There are also plenty of benefits which members of the club can enjoy. These benefits include:

  1. Purchase quality products at affordable prices
  2. Enjoy free shipping on select items
  3. Access to early shopping in the club
  4. Earn reward Sam cash on qualifying purchases

Check out this Sam’s Club website for more information on membership benefits.

Do I Need to Be a Member to Shop at Sam’s Club?


Like most warehouse stores, only members of Sam’s Club are allowed to shop at the store and enjoy the low prices and other membership benefits. 

However, by law, Sam’s Club is mandated to open some of its departments to the public. So, both members and non-members can walk into any area listed below in a Sam’s Club outlet to shop.

  • Food Court
  • Purchase of liquor
  • Pharmacy
  • Optical and hearing centers
  • Photo

Asides from this, there are other instances where a non-member can shop at Sam’s Club. These instances include:

  1. A guest Pass. Non-members who have a guest pass are allowed to shop at the club. However, an extra 10% service fee is imposed. Residents in California, South Carolina, and Elmsford are exempt from this fee.
  2. Pair with a member. You can tag along with someone who is a member of Sam’s Club and buy your items under the guise of that membership. Typically, Sam’s Club allows members to bring two guests when visiting the store.
  3. Shop online. By using the club’s online platform, non-members can purchase items online. However, there is a 10% non-membership fee that accrues. Residents in California, South Carolina and Elmsford are exempt from this extra fee.
  4. Use the 90 days free trial. This trial affords you the opportunity of enjoying the full benefits of being a Sam’s Club member for 90 days without paying the subscription fee. If you still choose not to subscribe to the Sam’s Club membership when the trial period is almost over, you can cancel the trial on the last day. 

Note that the 90 days trial is at the club’s discretion. Hence it is not available on request. Check out this Sam’s Club website for more information.

How Do I Become a Member of Sam’s Club?

Persons interested in becoming members can do so online via Sam’s Club’s official website. They can also visit a nearby Sam’s Club outlet and apply at the membership desk.

Conventionally, there are two types of membership; Club membership and Plus membership, and when applying, you will have to indicate the one you prefer. 

Note that each type of membership has its benefits, so it is necessary to consider these perks before opting for one. 

As a Sam’s Club member, and the primary holder of the club card, you have the opportunity to add or delete complimentary cardholders and Add-ons.

A Complimentary Sam’s Club card is free of charge and grants the holder a membership status. Only persons 18 years and above living in the same house as the primary cardholder are eligible for the Sam’s Club Complimentary card. On the hand, Add-ons cards are not free. They cost $40 each and can be given to more than one person.


Sam’s Club is a wholesale members-only store known for selling items at affordable prices. To make shopping easy for its customers, the store partners up with pickup personnel like GoShare and Instacart. Now at an additional fee, members can book the services of these delivery services and have them pick up items purchased from the club.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does Sam’s Club offer free delivery?

According to its website, customers who purchase a Serta mattress online will get free delivery.

  1. How many Sam’s Clubs are in the US?

There are about 600 Sam’s clubs.

Does Sam’s Club Remove Old Mattress?

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