Is RSC Jewelry real?

There are many jewelry manufacturers in the market industry. RSC is a stamp that is the manufacturer of a jewelry brand. This company stamps its jewelry products with its stamp. RSC stands for RS covenant. Let’s know ‘Is RSC Jewelry real?’

Is RSC Jewelry real?

RSC produces different kinds of jewelry but its rings are very famous.

Jewelry elements made at RSC-

At RSC, the makers use gold, platinum, diamond, and stones to make jewelry items.

Are RSC jewelry real?

Yes, RSC jewelry is real. Whether the jewelry is gold, platinum, stone, or any other metal, the RSC metals are authentic.

Jewelry at RSC-

It provides different jewelry that includes rings, necklaces, and other items. The rings at RSC are marked with RSC stamps on their inner bands. The rings at RSC are available at different prices and styles for their customers.

The rings at RSC have different properties and styles. Some of the properties of RSC rings are-

  • Handcrafted- These rings are highly handcrafted. This is the reason that they meet the high demands of the customers.
  • Designed- These rings are designed and each ring is different from the other ring because of its unique design.
  • Affordable- RSC rings are high-quality rings that are affordable. So, they can be purchased by everyone. 

Purity marks on jewelry at RS

The jewelry at RSC is marked in different ways and these markings show their purity levels-

  • 800 stamped- This indicates fineness and it tells how many parts of 1000 are gold or silver.
  • MC 925 stamped- This stands for sterling silver and means that the jewelry should be 92.5 percent silver.
  • 900 stamped- These stamps indicate that the item is accurate and defines high levels of purity. It means that the item is 90% silver and 10% alloy.
  • Krementz- It defines the good quality stuff. It defines the well-plated jewelry first and then finally plated with gold.

How to deal with the purity marks on gold jewelry?

The purity marks on gold show the purity levels of gold jewelry. These marks have two digits followed by a k that shows the karat of the golden jewelry.

The reality and authenticity of jewelry items are tested for different categories-

  • Silver items- are made with Sterling, which has only 8% copper. It is very real in terms of quality.
  • Stamped jewelry- The jewelry is stamped to indicate the karat number in jewelry. The purity level never deviates up to 0.5 karats from the karat number. This always marks the purity of jewelry at RSC.
  • Gold- Yes, the gold jewelry is real. At first, the electroplating is done with the help of platinum and nickel followed by gold.
  • 24-carat gold- It is a hundred percent pure gold and has no mixture of other metals. The value is so high that the 24 karat gold is more expensive than the 22 or 18 karat gold.
  • Diamonds- RSC always uses real stones like Cubic Zirconia to represent the diamond-like styles. They are hundred percent genuine.

How to check if the jewelry is real?

  • For vintage rings-

One should check the gemstone- its color, texture, and shape. It will tell you a lot about its authenticity and age.

  • For gold jewelry-

The gold items that include necklaces, bracelets, and rings are also very authentic and are free from all other metals and mixtures.

If anyone wants to check the purity of the products or jewelry of RSC, they can take the jewelry item to the goldsmith. Although the jeweler items are hundred percent real and are stamped, the customers can still visit the goldsmith to verify the authenticity.

Guarantee and customer reviews

  • Guarantee and return policy- The jewelry at RSC is real and 100 percent guaranteed. However, even if someone is unhappy with their product or purchased it, they can return it with a full refund. The return policy and services are very assured and easy.
  • Customer reviews for RSC jewelry- The jewelry at RSC is liked and appreciated by the customers. These are highly appreciated as they are well designed. Also, they have affordable prices.
  • Tarnishing ability- It does not tarnish easily as they have good metals. Also, the metals and jewelry are noted with preventive measures that one can use to avoid tarnishing of the jewelry.

These preventive measures include reducing contact of the jewelry with sunlight and water.


RSC jewelry is very real and especially which are manufactured by RS covenant. Altogether, it is very famous among its customers. The RSC rings are demanded as they have good looks, variety, and prices. The jewelry has a guarantee for a certain period and does not tarnish easily.

They are hundred percent real and avoid mixtures of metals. Also, there are return policies and preventive measures. These can be applied to any jewelry product of RSC that appears to be faulty or unreal. One can take services of RSC jewelry as they are real and deserve to be taken advantage of.

Is RSC Jewelry real?

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