Apply For Sprint Wireless Service Online

Sprint Wireless is what you are looking for if you need the best wireless plans at cheaper costs. It has always been known for providing a good data plan among major data carriers. Since the merger with T-mobiles, Sprint now has good coverage too.

Applying for the Sprint service only takes a few minutes and is very easy. All that is needed is registration, giving the required contact information, and identity verification. You can quickly choose the required plan and start your service. Here’s a helpful article on how you can do it right now.

To access

Step 1:Go to Sprint’s official website. You will see a Create my profile option when you click, Sign in.

Step 2: Enter your phone contacts.

Step 3: Verify your identity in the Account Owners section by any of the three modes:

●     Sprint Pin – Enter my sprint Sprint PIN to create your Account Owner Profile.

●     There is also a choice to do this with a security question or a retrieval code.

●     Device Users will be allowed to see minutes used, data usage, device information, plan information after the device is verified.

Step 4: Create unique credentials using your email address and select the finish option.

●     Your email address will aid in having an option to change your passwords when you forget and for confirmation.

Step 5: If you see a Success page, Good job! You’re now ready to sign in and access your online profile. Now you will be able to choose from the plethora of plans provided.

Check your Sprint Account

To access your account number on,

●     You will need to sign into the Sprint website using your credentials.

●     Go to the My preferences tab and click on it.

●     Click on Update or add another account

●     Over here, you can view your account number next to each user’s nickname.

Why Sprint Services

Sprint is one of those services whose prices tend to be lower than that of its competitors. So, naturally, people tend to get attracted because of the affordable prices. But what stands out the most is its quality of service. Sprint offers industry-leading devices and the most efficient wireless network from a national carrier and has data plans that aid all individuals, families, and businesses. Let’s work more efficiently and connect more easily using the most reliable wireless network provider. Sprint has many different plans which can be chosen according to your choices and lifestyle but we have found the best plans they offer.

Apply For Sprint Wireless Service Online

Best Sprint Unlimited Plan

●     Unlimited talk, text, and data

●     50 GB of 4G LTE hotspot

●     Free Hulu and Tidal subscription

●     $70/month

Get access to standard unlimited texting, voice minutes, and data along with a 50 GB mobile hotspot allowance with HD streaming at $70/month. This is an excellent data plan that you can look out for. It includes few OTT subscriptions and a flexible data plan.

Best Sprint Family Plan

●     Unlimited talk, text, and data

●     50Gb of 4G LTE hotspot

●     Free Hulu and Tidal subscription

●     $140/month

Get four lines of Unlimited at $140/month for your family that includes tons of features at a great price so that all your folks can enjoy  HD video streaming, unlimited talk and text, 4G LTE data speed and Hotspot data.

The Merger

Since the Sprint and T-mobile merger, Sprint users now have access to the big growing world of 5G. Within the next six years, they collectively aim for

● increasing their capacity 14 times over what they have today

● Increasing network speed 8 to 15 times faster than the current LTE

● Provide this largest 5G network to 99% of Americans.

Sprint and T-mobile have combined their resources to build a transformative nationwide 5G network that connects every American.


Since Sprint offers most affordable services with great quality and also provides better maintenance than its competitors, it is an obvious choice in most households! Hope this article has provided everything you need to know about them. So get started today and make a note to ask their customer service about new discounts and deals! Happy Surfing!

Frequently asked Questions
  1. Where do I find my phone statement?

Go to support, billing, or My Account section. You will be allowed to request a copy of your bill. You will receive a copy via mail. Similarly, to find your billing statement, you will have to log into your card account through the mobile app and click on the download option.

  1. How to view my past bills?

Sign in to your sprint account by visiting their website. Under the bill section, click on see my bill. The billing page displays the various charges incurred and all the payments made.

Apply For Sprint Wireless Service Online

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