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You are on holiday and did forget to pack something from home. For example, the essentials may be either a charger or a sunscreen, or if you were to go to a water park and don’t have the desired necessities. Here’s a solution if you are a prime member of Amazon; here comes the good news. Amazon delivery to hotels is available now. So you can grab the essentials that you forgot to pack; they can be delivered to your hotel even before the journey end.    To your surprise, this is so good to hear that amazon delivers to the hotel, so there is no more disturbance to your trip. All categories like groceries, clothing, accessories, and toiletries can be delivered to a hotel. Let us see about Does Amazon Deliver To Hotels?

Does amazon deliver to hotels?
  • Amazon even delivers to Marriott hotels and Disney hotels. They even deliver at campsites which makes your camp more entertained by delivering even the groceries.Delivery to a hotel is such a wise idea and a very friendly option for the people to save time which plays a role, especially on vacation. The feedback they received on delivery to the hotel was good.The healthy point here is once you order and you receive it at the hotel, it reduces your baggage and checking at every stop.The advantage of this option is there is no extra fare to be paid.Different options like one-day delivery, morning delivery, two-day delivery, etc., are also available.  You can send a guest a surprise gift even before they arrive or be sure about the timing of their arrival, and it is mandatory to give the information prior at the hostel desk.If you need any bags, the number of bags for packing is estimated, and you should pay as bag fee. Continue reading about Does Amazon Deliver To Hotels?

How to order a hotel from amazon?

Hold on, let me tell you this is as simple as you order at your home or office, or it is almost the same:

  1. First, open Amazon on windows or MacBook, or browser.
  2. Make sure you did log onto your prime account.
  3. On deliver to option-click manage address book followed by adding a new address, hotel address.
  4. There is an option even to use the delivery instruction field to give special instructions. For example, if you are in a hotel room already, add your room number, and you are allowed to add a message “please leave the package at a desk in the lobby.”
  5. Inform at the desk about the delivery.
  • There is another way to enter the resort name with the word ‘Guest’ followed by your name. After that, add the address of the hotel.

Why do you think delivery to the hotel is important?

There is no need for you to carry the package, so there is no checking at the airport. And especially if you are a prime member, the package can be delivered in a day. It’s more convenient and easier. Finally, Amazon is a customer-friendly and trustworthy website.

Can cash on delivery be used if the package is delivered at the hotel desk?

Yes, you can, but you need to put the money in the envelope at the desk. But please confirm prior as some hotels may not accept this. 

What if I don’t have the hotel address, or if you are traveling yet?

  • No worries, you can find an amazon locker nearby you or a counter where you can pick up the parcel. This is a good opportunity where you will not miss your order and also it is safe and convenient.
  • The basic difference between the Amazon locker and counter is with the locker; you need to receive a unique ID with which you can open, whereas the counter is where a store assistant will scan your email before handing your package. The advantage is there is no need for a unique number.
  • Once your package is delivered to the Amazon Locker, you will receive an email or text message with instructions and a unique pick-up code, and the locker slot with your package will open.

Conclusion on Does Amazon Deliver To Hotels?:

No more interventions, enjoy your trip, and get Amazon delivery.!

Finally, you can order even on vacation, but don’t forget to give the room number followed by your name and hotel address. You should give prior information at the hotel desk. The advantage of this availability is you can receive the parcel even before reaching the hotel. It’s a bonus. You can even order from amazon fresh. But it is also advised to change the delivery address for the next order without fail.! 

Frequently asked questions on Does Amazon Deliver To Hotels?:
  1. Is it safe if they deliver to the hotel?

Amazon is a safe site trusted by most of the people around.

  1. How is the packaging when the delivered to the hotel?

You can use the instruction box to mention the packaging, or it is fine once ‘guest’ is mentioned.

  1. Will the delivery be delayed if the hotel address is given?

Nope, one-day delivery is even possible for a prime member. But for one-day delivery, the order value should be greater than $20.

  1. What if I want to order from Amazon fresh, is the delivery available to the hotels?

Yes, they do deliver if you are an Amazon prime member. And if there is a complete kitchen or refrigerator available, it’s more preferred. They deliver for free for two-three hours.

  1. Will the delivery person collect the extra tax or tip for delivery at the hotel?

Nope, it is free, but some hotels may collect money just to confirm to avoid unnecessary charges. But there is an option ‘tip’ which is completely your wish.

  1. Is it part of Amazon policy to deliver at a hotel?

Yes, it is a part, and even it has a locker and counter opportunity.

  1. Will hotels charge for receiving your package?

Yes, not all the hotels but some do charge for collecting the package on your behalf. Make sure you check with your hotel prior to avoid unnecessary charges.

  1. Is the delivery possible only if it is prime membership?

Yes, it’s only available for prime members. So, take advantage of your prime membership, where one-day delivery is an option.

Does amazon deliver to hotels? – read more

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