Does Northpark mall have wheelchairs ? – Let’s Know

Northpark mall gets known as NorthPark Center. It is an enclosed shopping mall in Dallas, Texas (United States), instituted in 1965. The mall incorporates 235 stores and restaurants that earn $1 billion annually. It has become the 19-largest shopping mall in the country. The mall got designed to include art in its interior landscape. In the 1960s, it received an American Institute of Architects award in Design of the Decade 1960s. Yes, wheelchairs are available at the Northpark malls with zero charges. These complimentary wheelchairs get provided in the Security Office. The security offices get located at the main entrance and next to the Community Blood Center. Let us see more about Does Northpark mall have wheelchairs.

Does Northpark mall have wheelchairs

Duration And Necessity Of Wheelchairs At North Park Mall

You may use wheelchairs from Monday to Saturday are 10 am to 6 pm. Only on Sunday, they are open from 12 pm to 6 pm. The mall has been majorly expanded to 2,350,000 square feet. It has become the second-largest mall in the United States with more than 221 stores and different services.

The NorthPark mall is designed from the original U-shape to a square design with the surrounding of a 1.4acre landscaped garden which is “CenterPark”. Thus, wheelchairs are requisite for the disabled to visit and explore the North Park Mall. The wheelchairs are first-come, first-served. A driver’s license is a must to check out the wheelchair. Visitors may contact them to receive the wheelchair from the Security.

What To Do If Wheelchairs Are Not Available At Northpark Center?

One can book wheelchairs that are nearby the North Park Mall. Clouds of Goods is partnered with Northpark Malls for wheelchair rentals. 

  1. Ultra-Light Standard Wheelchair

It costs around $55 for one day and $185 for ten days. It charges an additional $10 for an extra day. These wheelchairs are foldable, lightweight, and can fit into the car’s trunk. The wheelchair will get delivered by the NorthPark wheelchair Rental partners.

2. Standard Wheelchair

This wheelchair will cost $45 for a day and $135 for 10days. There is an extra $5 for an additional day. These types of wheelchairs are typically available at hospitals. These are designed to hold the weight up to 200lbs. These are the most economical wheelchairs available at the North Park center. 

3. Extra-wide standard wheelchair

It will cost $50 for one day and $145 for 10 days. Similarly, $5 extra for the additional day. This would come under a 22-inch to 24-inch model. They are also known as bariatric wheelchairs. The weight capacity is 400lbs. This wheelchair is easily transported in the car and it weighs around 50lbs.

4. Pediatric Wheelchair

These wheelchairs cost around $50 for one day and $140 for 10days. For an extra day, it will cost an additional $5. A pediatric wheelchair is perfect for children under 200lbs in weight. It also consists of swing-away footrests with unique colors to look appealing to your children.

Beyond this, many other wheelchairs such as Lightweight Transport Wheelchair, power chair, beach wheelchair, bariatric power chair, and Reclining Wheelchair 20 inch are available for rentals.

These wheelchairs can be booked from an online website. All you need is to select the rental start and end dates, select the type of wheelchair to your cart, and add the address of your place, email address, name, contact number, and any other special instructions. After clicking next, kindly pay the specific amount as mentioned.

Apart From Wheelchairs, What Other Facilities Are Provided At Northpark Mall?

There are strollers available for rent at SmartCare Units. The unit is at the main entrance of the Food Court and next to Barnes & Nobles. Also available near the Fieldhouse. Complimentary free Wi-Fi is available, and ATMs, View Resources, Maps, and Directions are available at the mall. 

Which Other Malls Provide Wheelchairs?

Other malls like the Northpark that provide wheelchairs are:

  1. Galleria Dallas

Galleria Dallas is in Dallas, Texas. The complimentary strollers and wheelchairs are available at the Guest Reception Center, Level 1, near Center Court. A valid photo ID is a must. 

  1. Westfield Mission Valley

The wheelchairs are offered with zero charges. The wheelchairs are available at the Westfield Security office. A photo ID is essential to carry and the wheelchairs are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. Westfield Parkway Plaza

The complimentary wheelchairs are available at the plaza. A photo ID is required to have access to the wheelchairs. 

Conclusion on Does Northpark mall have wheelchairs

Northpark is the 19-largest shopping mall. It provides wheelchairs free of cost. A driver’s license is a must to have access to the wheelchair. It is a perfect place to shop, dine and explore. There are almost 100+ brands to shop from. For specific quality, one can also rent wheelchairs from the nearby stores of Northpark malls. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are the timings of the Northpark mall Management Office?

The management office is open from Monday to Friday. The timings are 8-30 a.m. to 5-30 p.m. Kindly contact them for any queries, the customer service will get back to you shortly. 

2. What type of events is available at the North Park center?

There are various events held at Northpark Mall. The categories of events are – Children, Community, Dining, and Arts. One can check their official website for events schedule, locations, and features such as offers and discounts. 

3. Currently, who operates Northpark mall?

Northpark mall is managed by David J. Haemisegger and Nancy A. Nasher. 

Does Northpark mall have wheelchairs ? – Let’s Know

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