Hulu Error Code Drmcdm78

Hulu is an application, made in America which allows people to stream their favorite shows and movies. It is a digital platform where you can stream TV shows of any cable channel like ABC, A&E, BET, BTN, Boomerang, and many more. Hulu is owned by Disney. Hulu is an app that is known worldwide for its streaming services and has many competitors, but its biggest competitor is Netflix. You can watch Hulu on your smartphone as well as your smart TV. 

Hulu has many amazing features, it has made several new customers over the years and retained many of its former customers and despite all these shiny traits, sometimes it shows an error. This error does not allow its users to have a good experience of the app as it keeps interrupting movies and TV shows by constantly popping up on screens.  In the worst-case scenario, the entire Hulu app freezes or crashes and ruins the mood of its user. 

Hulu Error Code Drmcdm78 Fully Explained. 

Let’s just dig deep on what this error is, and all the other not-so-interesting yet important facts about it, so that we not only get the solutions on how to resolve this mood-wrenching error, but also the necessary precautions that must be taken to prevent this error from occurring ever again shortly. 

Hulu Error Code Drmcdm78

Any streaming device could easily become the victim of this error but someone who is streaming Hulu content on a browser is more prone to facing it and it does not matter whether your web browser is of Windows, Linus, or macOS device, you can still get the error.  

This error can fool the users quite easily. When you start streaming any video on the Hulu platform, it will load very smoothly for the first few seconds until you get in the mood of binge-watching, and just when the show becomes interesting an error will keep popping up on your screen until you are frustrated enough to close it. 

The error looks like this:

Error playing video

We’re having trouble playing this video right now. If the problem persists, try restarting your device.

Hulu Error Code: DRMCDM78

Unique Error ID: F5820FC9-3AA6-A3CE-2A4D-92A68BB0627F

Local Time of Error: 2022-02-02 19:10 (UTC4) 

Tips And Tricks To Fix The Error

As many reasons can cause this error, many solutions can resolve this error. Given below are some tips and tricks tried and tested by many users that will help you fix your problem within seconds. 

  1. Restart: This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to troubleshoot all the errors from your app as well as the device. All you have to do is restart or reboot the device on which you are streaming Hulu. This works like magic. 
  2. Change your internet connection: The error you are getting may be because of your slow or poor internet connection. To fix this, you just need to connect to a different network that is much faster and stronger. If you cannot change the network, it’s better to change your location to a place where the signals are good enough for you to binge some shows. 
  3. Log out and log in: If restarting your device doesn’t work then you must try logging out of your Hulu account, wait for a second and log in again. Now sign in to your Hulu account using a browser and notice the difference. 
  4. Hulu servers may be down: This is yet another very common reason because of which you are facing an error. Hulu servers may be down because of a maintenance issue. You cannot do anything about this except wait until they repair the server. 
  5. The router needs a reset: If you don’t want to change your internet connection or your location then you must try troubleshooting your router with a reset because your poor connection may be a result of some bugs on your router. 


Hulu application, despite its amazing service and advanced features may face an error. This error ruins users’ streaming experience. There are many reasons for this error to occur, and there are also many potential solutions for it to resolve. All of those reasons and their quick fixes were discussed briefly. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I Update My Hulu App On My TV?

Yes, you can update your Hulu app on your TV.  You just need to select the XMB menu and go to select all apps. From there, click on Hulu and check for updates. 

  1. My Hulu App Keeps showing Connection errors. What Could Be The Reason? 

This may happen because either there is a virus on your app due to which all your files have been corrupted or you have downloaded the app incorrectly. You need to uninstall the app and download it again carefully.

Hulu Error Code Drmcdm78

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