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Everyone needs some rest or a break from their daily challenging life. When you get tired or feel bored, going on vacation or taking a break can be the best option. This would refresh your mind and then the productivity of work would also be enhanced. A healthy mind is the biggest asset for a human being. A happy person spreads happiness and provides a positive aura, this state of mind can be achieved through a relaxing vacation. So, let’s look through Government Vacation Rewards in this article.

Government Vacation Rewards

Government vacation reward is open for retired military, active duty, civilian contractors, and employees of the government. This program helps to travel at lower rates for life, anyone can travel anywhere at reasonable rates. This is also pocket friendly. With Government Vacation Reward earn rewards and the destination will be hassle-free. This is an online travel agency that provides a full service to support their customer’s vacation plans. This program offers many services at discounted rates, including hotel and resort booking, cruises, guided tours, airline tickets, and vacation rentals. Also, provide rental car reservations.

Headquarters and their monthly visitors

The headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. The IPO status of this is private. This agency was founded in 2008 as a travel service provider. This is a type of call center, if anyone wants to ask something they can call them and take different kinds of services from them and get a pocket-friendly trip. 

Government Vacation Rewards holds a good rank in monthly web visitors, as such 142,199 ranks among all other websites based upon globally its 219,199 web visitors monthly. There are some main customers of this program which include firefighters, police veterans, postal workers, and their families. 

Technological facts

  • Company’s Tech Stack by G2 Stack-

According to g2 stack, products and services like Google Analytics, HTML5, and jQuery are used by Government vacation rewards(GVR).

  • Website Tech Stack by BuiltWith-

According to BuiltWith, Government Vacation Rewards(GVR) are actively using 53 technologies for their website, which includes iPhone/ Mobile, SPF, Viewport Meta, and Compatible.

Loyalty program

1. When a user subscribes to this program he/she may earn and redeem their Government Vacation Rewards loyalty points (“Points”) during their subscription period. By selecting travel purchases through GVR, points can be earned and redeemed. For information related to earnings and redemption, visit their website “” or call them.

2. Users can earn a lot with this, the subscribers may earn up to 15,000 GVR points per subscription year through car rentals and airfare purchases. 15,000 points are the maximum that may be earned by the subscribers.

3. This is totally up to the subscribers that he/she wants to redeem GVR points as fully or partially payments for tours, travel insurance, cruise vacations, and experiential vacations.

4. The points which earn are non-transferable and have no cash value.

5. Redemptions may be combined with Vacation Cash.

6. At the end of the subscription term, the subscriber’s points expire and will be reinstated in the section of cancellation.

7. earning and redemption of points and their schedule are also available on the above-mentioned website or can call them, for contact.

Vacation Cash

Vacation cash is used for the purchase of resort, tour, cruise, hotel, or car purchases over the phone with them only. Sometimes, vacation cash be cannot redeemed for air travel unless added to the account in GVR. Vacation cash is not used for shipping charges, taxes, insurance, or fees. They may not be combined with any other discounts, loyalty currency, or discounts. They may be combined with savings credits for hotel, tour, cruise, car, and resort only. Vacation cash will expire within thirty days (30) of its issuance if it is not used within the period. This Vacation Cash has no cash value. If someone may cancel any booking which is made with the amount of Vacation Cash then the funds with vacation cash, are applied against the cancellation penalty, this is applicable for them.

Reward Points are used to purchase Vacation Cash and they must be redeemed in the denominations of the discrete. 

Guidelines for using Vacation Accommodations and Travel Services

1. They would apply some reasonable restrictions on subscribers from services.

2. Till the last date of subscriber’s travel or accommodation they have a valid subscription.

3. There is no obligation for subscribers to participate or take a tour of the resort and attend any type of sales presentation.

4. Make sure that the information provided is accurate and complete as per the data published. Disclaim any liability for incomplete and inaccurate data. Information provided to the subscribers about services is completely obtained from the providers.

5. Guest of Subscribers and subscribers enjoy the use of services provided, as accommodations booked with GVR are secure, careful, and responsible manner. If any damage, loss, or theft will happen then the subscriber’s guest and subscriber are responsible for all the acts, we cannot take guarantee these types of actions.

6. If there is any complaint regarding services and accommodation provided by a travel provider, this should be an opportunity for a person in authority at a travel provider.

7. A total number of people occupying any accommodations in the tour is confirmed and must not exceed the maximum occupancy if this happens then the provider will additionally charge from subscriber and subscriber’s guest.


Government vacation reward offers services to active military, government employees, veterans, government employees, and civilian contractors, and provides discounted travel services. They respect clients’ privacy so they do not give any information to any third party.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Is GVR provides pricing to the general public?

Ans: No, the GVR provides pricing only to the retired, active duty, Government employees, civilian contractors, veterans, and military families.

Q2: How to take advantage of this free benefit?

Ans: You must have a membership certificate that you are eligible for the government benefits or veteran, military, then only you can take advantage of it. 

Q3: What are the technical facts about GVR?

Ans: According to G2 Stack, Government Vacation Rewards (GVR) uses so many technological products, including HTML5, jQuery, and Google Analytics. GVR does not share their client’s data with third parties, as they value privacy.

Government Vacation Rewards – Know More

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