Where Does Cargill Meat Come From? – Know More

Where Does Cargill Meat Come From? let’s find out in this article. Many of us might not know but, Cargill Inc. is a privately owned food corporation. Cargill Inc. has been in the market for the past 157 years. Cargill Corporation is America’s largest privately held corporation. The company is famous for selling varieties of products at a very cheap rate to customers in the market. 

Where Does Cargill Meat Come From?

Among its long range of products, the company sells various meats to customers. The consumers of Cargill meat have often asked where meat comes from. Most meats sold at Cargill stores are bought from ProAction. Interestingly, ProAction is an on-farm assurance program and this program is located in Canada. 

In some way, we could say that the varieties of meat sold at Cargill come from Canada. Other than that, the company sells dairy-related products as well to customers. Cargill a company is highly known for its distributors of agricultural products such as refined oil, sugar, cotton, and many more. 

Cargill Meat Brands 

Any competitor of Cargill would sell meat under different brand names. In the same way, Cargill Corporation does sell meats under various brands to customers. Additionally, the brands sell meat of various shapes and sizes and the different processes as well. 

One can enjoy products from fresh to frozen, bulk to case ready, and many more. The meat brands sold at Cargill are the following:-

  • Sterling Silver
  • Angus Pride
  • Preferred Angus 
  • Rumba 
  • Excel
  • Our Certified
  • Corner and Company

Looking for meat one will be offered with the above-mentioned brands. The product quality from these brands has always been well-appreciated by customers. The company ensures that there is no compromise in the product quality for customers. 

Products and Services from Cargill Corporation

Cargill Corporation is known for its various products and services for customers. The corporation is highly active in various fields in the market. The company manufactures products starting from grains to bio-industrial industries. 

Currently, Cargill Corporation has more than 1000 different products in different fields. Interestingly, most of them are related to the farming or food industry. Being the largest participant in the global supply chain for food, the company does its best to provide the best quality food. 

Some products other than meat that is sold at Cargill are the following:-

  • Refined Oils
  • Food Ingredients 
  • Grain and Oilseeds
  • Animal Nutrition 
  • Leonardo Olive Oil
  • Hydrogenated Fats 
  • Industrial Specialties 

These are some of the products that are actively sold at Cargill Corporation. Other than that, the company preaches risk management in the industrial industry as well. 

Quality of meats at Cargill Corporation

When it comes to meat, Cargill is quite known for its beef products. The company claims that they have now focused more on beef rather than anything else. The company believes that the customers should always be benefited from the best quality product. 

Meat packaging is a complex business but, that is not when it comes to Cargill Corporation. Consumers should always be provided the best quality and good-packaged meat. This strategy is always maintained by Cargill Corporation. 

The overall quality of Cargill meats is well-appreciated by many consumers. The company delivers its best through the best packaging, price, and quality. Interestingly, Cargill Corporation has a separate department for quality-check of the products they sell to customers. 

Cargill Meat Solutions

Cargill meat solution is a separate department that takes care of meat-related products only. It is just a subsidiary of the giant company Cargill Inc. Cargill meat solutions handles some meat products like beef, turkey, various food services, chicken, and food distribution businesses. 

This is the department where the meats sold at Cargill are quality-checked. Previously in 2007, Cargill had to avoid nearly 845,000 pounds of ground beef due to an outbreak of E. coli. Other than these, there were many cases where Cargill had to avoid tonnes of meat products due to some outbreak. 

This is one of the reasons why customers prefer visiting Cargill stores for any purchase. Additionally, the company does not charge a heavy amount for any meat products sold at Cargill stores. The price of its meat products is quite affordable for middle-class customers. 

Meat Price at Cargill Corporation

The price of Cargill meat is something to notice at. The company tries its best to sell products at a cheap rate with the best quality. In some way, the company has achieved its goal. This is because consumers of Cargill meat have revealed that the meat sold at Cargill is better than many of its competitors in the market. 

The price of its various meat products are given below:-

  • Jimmy Dean Premium Pork Regular- $4.40
  • Boneless Chicken Breasts- $10.17
  • Frozen Raw large-peeled Tail-Off Shrimp- $14.65
  • Beef Chuck Tray- $9.54
  • Butcher Lamb Loin Chop- $16.08
  • Hickory Smoked Bacon- $3.72

These are some of the products along with their price tag sold at Cargill stores. 


Cargill Inc. has been in the market for a long time and knows how to attract customers. The company has gained all the trust that they want from the market. Not only its meat but, other products sold at Cargill comes with the best quality and price tag. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Cargill’s meat plant located?

Answer- Cargill’s meat plant is located in Wichita, Kansas. 

  1. Who is the primary owner of Cargill Inc.?

Answer- The primary owner of Cargill is none other than Cargill Inc. 

  1. How rich is Cargill Corporation? 

Answer- Cargill has achieved various awards and was ranked the fourth-richest billionaire company in the United States in 2019. Today, the company’s estimated net worth is $38.8 billion. 

Where Does Cargill Meat Come From? – Know More

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