Does Forty Winks Remove Old Mattress?- Read more about it

Forty Winks is one of the unknown beds, bedroom, and furniture companies in the market. The products and services offered by this bed-selling company are just awesome. Interestingly, it is Australia’s leading bed, mattress, and bedding retailer. The company offers varieties and a range of products to customers in the market. In this article we will see about Does Forty Winks Remove Old Mattress?

Does Forty Winks Remove Old Mattress?
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Let’s read Does Forty Winks Remove Old Mattress? People have often asked if the company will remove or haul away old mattresses. Fortunately, the bed, mattress, and bed holding company does remove or take away the old mattress. The company has a particular exclusive program set up to remove old materials or products from the customers’ residences. 

Unfortunately, the company only removes or hauls away old products that the company sells. Other than that, the company does not remove or take away other products from the customer’s residence. Still, few companies in the market are currently taking such initiatives and using them to save the environment. 

Mattresses and Bed Bases

The company is highly known for its bed bases and mattresses. The products sold by the company come with the best quality and materials from the market. Today, the company sells varieties of mattresses and bed bases to customers in the market. The products are always well-appreciated by customers in the market. 

The mattresses sold by the company are of various shapes and sizes. Interestingly, the company sells beds in a box for customers in need. Visiting the company’s official website, one will come across varieties of mattresses and can order them easily through the online portal. Interestingly, an individual willing to buy a bed from the company can choose their comfort level as per the option available by the company. 

Now, some of the most-sold mattresses sold by Forty Winks are the following:- 

  • Active Sleep Control Mattress Medium 
  • Active Sleep Base Graphite 
  • King Koil Everyday Comfort MK2
  • Active Sleep Base Black
  • Active Sleep Venetian Mattress
  • My Side Gen 1.0 Base 
  • Serta Millbrook Mattress Medium
  • Tempur Lifestyle Supreme Adjustable Base
  • Active Sleep Control Mattress Plush
  • Sealy Posturepedic Designer Base 
  • Sleepmaker Miracoil Sports Chiro Active Mattress
  • Crown Posture Bedding Mattress

These are some of the most-sold mattresses from the company. Additionally, all the mattresses sold by the company are sold at a great and cheap cost. The company does not charge an additional or extra fee for any mattresses sold at their store or website. 

Old Mattress Return Program

Significantly few companies in the market have developed such a great recycling program. Forty Winks has created a great recycling program for all the old products. The company ensures that no old products should go to waste and they should be reused again for another purpose. The company has partnered with some great and well-reputed companies in the country for such a recycling program. 

Forty Winks has partnered with Soft Landing for all the recycling programs. Soft Landing is the national scheme that is led by a social enterprise that is highly efficient in diverting old and used mattresses from landfills. This recycling program from Forty Winks focuses on recycling old mattresses bought from the market or the customers. 

This recycling program operates in many places around the country. Some of the places where old mattresses are recycled are VIC, NSW, ACT, and WA. The company has successfully recycled more than 1 million old and torn mattresses. Interestingly, the company has revealed that these mattresses have weighed around 16,000 tonnes of steel springs and 7,000 tonnes of timber wood. 

The extra material from these mattresses has been used for other purposes. The beds also came out with 5,000 tonnes of foam. These additional products are extracted from the old mattresses, and they were used for making other usable products from the market. 

Finished Product from Old Mattresses

The recycling program from the mattress-selling company has been operating quite efficiently and successfully. The consumers and critics of the country have been highly appreciating the program held by the company. The program has been designed quite beautifully so that they are environment-friendly and do not harm the environment. 

After the old mattresses are recycled they are made into various finished products. The finished products are further put for sale in the market. The Soft Landing program recycles up to 75% of all the mattresses components. The rest of the products are gone on waste which are later used to make other products. 

The steel springs on the mattresses are recycled and made roof sheets out of them. On the other hand, the mattress foam extracted from the old rugged mattresses is recycled to make carpet underlays. The bed frame timber and husk from the old mattresses are recycled to make mulch matting and animal bedding. The bed fabrics used on the top layer of most mattresses are recycled to make end use products such as acoustic panelling. 

Benefits of old Mattresses Recycling 

There are a lot of benefits when the old mattresses are recycled through Forty Winks. The company offers various offers to those who are actively working on these types of programs at their company. The recycling program set by the company only focuses on saving the environment. The company ensures that no harmful chemicals or wastes are thrown on the environment. 

The metal, foam, and other products extracted from old mattresses prevent thousands of tonnes of landfill waste every year. Every ten tonne that are recycled at the program are equivalent to the following:-

  • Taking four cars off the road permanently and using the fuel
  • Providing ample amount of electricity that could power up to 14 houses
  • Saving enough water supply to fill 3.5 average-sized backyard pools

These are some of the results of recycling old mattresses from the bed mattress-selling company. We would highly recommend the people in the country to recycle as many old appliances as possible to save the environment. 


Now we have learnt Does Forty Winks Remove Old Mattress? Forty Winks has been in the market for quite some time now. The products and services sold by the company are just amazing and well-appreciated by people around the country. Interestingly,  the recycle program set-up by the company has attracted more customers than their high-quality products.  

Does Forty Winks Remove Old Mattress?- Read more about it

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