Quickbooks Military & Veteran Discounts – Read more about it

Quickbooks is software that is used for accounting purposes. The developer and the marketer of the QuickBooks software are Intuit. It was founded in 1983 and was for small and medium businesses initially. It is used as an accounting software on-premises and also as a cloud-based server software application. It can accept the payments related to businesses, used for managing business affairs and other payments of bills, and some other functions. Let us know more detail about Quickbooks Military & Veteran Discounts.

Quickbooks Military & Veteran Discounts

Yes, it offers military veterans and their family members some discounts. They help the military veterans who want to start their businesses. It offers resources and support to them. The main focus of this initiative is to transform military veterans’ lives and empower them through financial assistance, support, and opportunities. Till now, it has impacted more than two lack veterans to live a civilian life in a single year. It has helped the spouses of these people to attain a college degree. More than 2.5 million military veterans have their businesses. 

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Discounts Available on Quickbooks

Quickbook provides cashback as per the categories purchased. For example on a desktop, it gives up to 3.5 percent cash back. Similarly, on the online editions, there is a cashback of 2.50 dollars.

If a Self-employed person signs up on QuickBooks, they can avail of 2.50 dollars of cashback, and if they purchase the pack, they get a cashback of 27.50 dollars of cashback. Quickbooks provides 25 dollars of cashback to all the self-employed persons who use paid subscriptions. Intuit also gives a cashback of 2.50 dollars on payroll signups.

How to get Quickbooks for free?

Ans. Follow these steps to use the Quickbooks software for free?

Step 1 Visit the website and click on the software you want to use under the features and benefits tab.

Step 2 There will be a section register for free under this section, click on education or students, whichever option is suitable for you.

Step 3 Fill in the required details in the space provided. After filling in the details they will ask you to verify the information stated.

Step 4 Click on the verify tab and then close the form. After this, you will be asked for some more information, and after completing all those steps you will be provided free access to use the software for free.

What does Quickbooks Military & Veteran Discount offer?

  • It provides excellent career opportunities. Intuit itself, employs more than a hundred talented military veterans and their family members. 
  • Small business opportunities and Self-employment.  
  • All the military veterans interested in setting up their businesses are offered support and assistance. 
  • Quickbook offers them business advice and navigation guidelines to manage their finances.
  • They offer mint, a tracking software used to track the budget, and is freely available. 
  • It also gives some advice related to tax savings and basic information about taxes. They help in preparing the files and submitting the taxes.

Quickbooks discounts for some other categories other than military and veteran

Intuit offers educational programs for all the students or the people associated with the education sector. It offers Quickbooks Online software and Proconnect Online software for Tax to the students and teachers.

To take benefit of this offer, one has to sign up on the Quickbooks website and verify the status by registering through the official university email. After the verification is done, they give access to the allowed discounts.


Quickbook is accounting software used for various purposes. It is owned by Intuit and provides different services to different groups of people like businessmen, professionals, self-employed, etc. 

It offers some discounts to a specific group of people such as military veterans and people associated with the education sector like academicians, educators, and students. It offers some resources and support to all those who want to start their own business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Are there any military discounts for the self-employed or taxes?

Ans. Yes, there are different options available for the self-employed or taxed person. They can avail of military discounts by visiting the official site. One can also check the following link. 

Q.2) Does QuickBooks provide discounts to the business owned by Veterans?

Ans. No, Quickbooks only provide discounts to military veterans. There are no such discounts for the veterans’ businesses. But there are some programs organized by Intuit for veterans to help them become businessmen or entrepreneurs. 

Q.3) Is Quickbooks also providing some versions for the students at discounted rates?

Ans. Yes, Quickbooks gives a one-year free trial for the students where they can learn several skills like accounting, income tracking, measuring expenses and preparing reports, etc. All these skills are often in high demand in the real world and can be applied in any business. So, students can learn and apply them.

Quickbooks Military & Veteran Discounts – Read more about it

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