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Since technology has taken over and more technology lies in wait, many physical activities have gone digital and mainstream. The innovation and creativity have caused various businesses to expand and provide their services across various countries. These businesses, especially the industries that offer services need to get through to their international customers when they make an order. In the retail industry, customers order items online, according to what they like and they can request that those items be shipped to their locations. In this article we will see about What Does Nordstrom Use For Shipping?

What Does Nordstrom Use For Shipping?

What Does Nordstrom Use For Shipping?

Nordstrom makes use of Border free shipping to ship orders to their final destination. If an international customer makes an order on the Nordstrom website, Nordstrom sends the ordered items to the Border free hub in the United States, which in turn sends it to the location the customer requests. Although there are some international locations Border free may not access now, most shipping orders come 5 – 13 business days after order. 

What can an international customer do if an order does not come through after payment? 

If you do not get your order after making payments or you are missing some items, contact Nordstrom customer care within 30 days. Nordstrom customer care would assist you with Borderfree communication as to why you have not gotten your order. 

How does a shopper track an order to know when a shipment has arrived in a location?

For every International customer whose orders are shipped to their location, Nordstrom emails the items ordered by the customer, along with updates on the status of their order. You can also log in to your Nordstrom account to check the items that are on the way to your location. After making any order on Nordstrom, keep your order number so that you can use it to check your purchase information if you do not have a Nordstrom profile. 

How to open a Nordstrom account:

To create a Nordstrom profile or join the Nordy club;

  • Log on to nordstrom.com
  • Navigate to the nerdy club page and click on ‘join’ for free.
  • On the next page, enter a valid email address and click on the ‘next’ icon. 
  • Tapping ‘next’ signifies that you agree to their privacy policy, alongside their terms and conditions.
  • On the next page, fill out your first name, your last name and create a strong password. 
  • Click on the ‘create account’ icon and Nordstrom will send you an email for confirmation.

Nordstrom Store Shipping

After making an order online, customers can ship their live items to any Nordstrom or Nordstrom rack store nearest to their location. By doing that, their items are safe and they can pick them up at any convenient time. When ordering online, consumers can go to the checkout page and click ‘ship to a Nordstrom store’ in the shipping address field.

Once Nordstrom ships your order, you would get an email notification that your item has landed. If you want to pick it up, Nordstrom would ask for an ID which would be returned, along with your order after seven days.

Does Nordstrom offer free shipping?

Nordstrom only offers free shipping for some items to be shipped anywhere in the United States, Alaska, or Puerto Rico. All other places involve shipping fees, to which International taxes and duties would be added. Once a customer gets free shipping on a commodity, Nordstrom would communicate the delivery date and location via email. 

Can a customer return any item ordered on Nordstrom and shipped to my location?

If you do not like the item that Nordstrom shipped for you, you can return it within 30 days from the time it was delivered. Customers can return the items they do not like through mail or a physical visit to any Nordstrom store near them. After you visit the store, go to any customer service for help and you can get your refund within one week. 

To return the item by mail, go online and send back the item, along with the prepaid shipping label Nordstrom emailed to you. After processing your return, you will get your refund within one week.


  • Does Nordstrom refund International shipping charges?

No, Nordstrom does not refund international shipping charges because of the taxes and fees paid to ship your order to your location. If you return any item you do not like, Nordstrom only refunds the original cost of your order on the website. They credit your account within 5-7 business days, following the way you paid when you made your order.

  • Does Nordstrom take all items back?

No, Nordstrom does not take all items back, as it is a commercial corporation. If an item wore out under your watch, Nordstrom may not accept it, as they treat their customers fairly and expect the same.


Nordstrom uses Borderfree shipping to take care of international orders and Nordstrom rack to take care of orders within the United States. The technical team and customer service send regular emails, making sure to keep their customers updated concerning their orders.

What Does Nordstrom Use For Shipping? – Read more to know

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