9 Ways to Make Your Payment at YesStyle

Yesstyle is an online retailer which is located in Asia. It is a sister company of YesAsia, another retailer company. While you are purchasing at Yesstyle you have to learn about the different payment options available at Yesstyle. Hence, this presents you with information on different payment options available at Yesstyle. Let’s read ‘9 Ways to Make Your Payment at Yesstyle’.

9 Ways to Make Your Payment at Yesstyle

9 Ways to Make Your Payment at YesStyle:

Yesstyle has a variety of payment options such as credit card, check, direct deposit, apple pay and google pay, sofort and iDeal, currencies, and coupons. The 9 Ways to Make Your Payment at YesStyle are explained below.

1. Credit card

Yesstyle accepts many major international credit cards. These include Visa, JCB, Mastercard, American Express, and so on. When you are using a credit card on their website to pay, you will be charged only after the order gets approved. Till that, your payment will be on hold. Yesstyle will not charge any additional charges on your credit card, other than your order. However, you can use only one credit for an order. Yesstyle also accepts some debit cards which depend on the issuing bank. Yesstyle will protect your credit card information so it is safe to pay on their website using their credit card. 

2. PayPal

You can also pay using PayPal at Yesstyle. Paypal is an online payment platform that many people across the world use. Besides you can pay through PayPal with your credit card, debit card, and bank details even if you don’t have an account in Paypal. At, Yesstyle you can pay through PayPal with or without a PayPal account. You can use PayPal checkout to not pay without an account on PayPal. The handling fees will be paid by Yesstyle itself. You can also pay using Instant payment or e-check payments using PayPal. Besides, you can pay in any currency when using PayPal. 

3. PayPal One-click

If you want to complete your transaction fastly, you can use PayPal One-click. PayPal One-click is one option in PayPal. The transaction is faster because you can skip the login step at PayPal. You can choose to be logged in to PayPal by enabling PayPal one-click option while logging into Yesstyle. You can use this option by clicking the ‘Enable PayPal One-click’ checkbox which will be under the Paypal button. However, you can also disable the checkbox if you don’t want to use it. It is important to note that you can use this option only for normal checkout. Paypal express checkout cannot be used for this. 

4. Direct Deposit

You can also pay by direct deposit at Yesstyle. However, for direct deposit Yesstyle accepts only Hong Kong dollars. No other currencies are accepted at present at Yesstyle for direct deposit. You have to make the direct deposit to their bank account. For their account details kindly visit their customer support for direct deposit and check. It is important to note that Yesstyle will not bear any handling fees that arise at direct deposit. A charge will be made at HSBC when you transfer via e-banking. This charge will also be not borne by Yesstyle. To know the complete procedure kindly visit their Customer support page for Direct Deposit.

5. Check

Like Direct Deposit, check payments can also be made only in Hong Kong dollars. While placing the order by check, you should write your order number on the backside of your check. After placing an order and selecting a check as the payment method, you have to mail your check to Yesstyle at the given address on the official site. Yesstyle will review your check within 7 business and process your order. However, your order should be complete. Because, if you missed an order you have to make another payment through check. To know the complete procedure, kindly check the Customer support page for Check payments.

6. Apple Pay and Google Pay

Apple Pay is an online payment platform used by people across the world. Apple Pay can be used on devices like iPhones, Mac, etc. It also requires a specific browser. Google pay is also an online payment platform that is used on android phones also. To pay using Apple Pay or Google pay you first need to have an account through the platform you are going to pay by. However, you will be charged for using Google Pay or Apple pay. In case of a refund, the amount will be paid back by the Apple Pay or Google Pay method that you used. In the case of Korean Won (KRW), you can use only Google Pay and Apple Pay cannot be used. Also, the payment is accepted only in specific countries with their local currencies.

7. Sofort and iDeal

Sofort and iDeal are online payment methods for paying in Euros as currencies. Those who are paying using Euro currencies can use these methods. However, customers providing a valid address in the Netherlands can only use iDeal. Whereas, Sofort is for customers who provide valid billing addresses in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and Italy only. In case of refund, yesstyle will refund you through Sofort and iDeal only based on which you have made the order. It is also important to remember that you will be charged since these two payments are made directly through banks. 

8. Payment currencies

Yesstyle accepts payments in many currencies. They have also given a particular mode of payment options available for a particular currency. To know more about this kindly visit Customer support for Payment currencies. Their conversion rate varies according to their internal exchange rate. This internal exchange rate depends on their bank’s exchange rates. As Yesstyle uses an International payment gateway, chances are there that a customer can be charged. This is because some banks charge for International transactions on credit cards. It is better if you confirm the International transaction fees with your bank.

9. Payment currencies – Credits and coupons

You can also purchase at Yesstyle using your credits and coupons. If you have a coupon in US dollars, you can use this coupon itself to pay in a different currency. You can only convert your coupon into other currency only on the checkout page. For more details, you can check on the Customer support page for Payment currencies – Credits and coupons.


Now we have learnt ‘9 Ways to Make Your Payment at YesStyle’, Yesstyle is a trusted online retailer shop. They have many varieties of products for women. Given the quality, customer support also Yesstyle is very reliable.

  • Where is Yesstyle located?

It Is based in Hong Kong. 

  • Whether Registration is compulsory on Yesstyle?

Having yourself registered in Yesstyle can offer many benefits for you. However, if you have a Yesasia account you will be automatically registered in Yesstyle and vice versa.

  • Can I get genuine fur products from Yesstyle?

No, Yesstyle uses a “no fur” policy. They don’t sell a product that contains the fur of real animals. 

9 Ways to Make Your Payment at YesStyle

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