How To Activate Netspend Card Without SSN?

Do you want to know ways to activate a Netspend prepaid card without SSN? You are on the page! This article will provide the steps you need to carry this out. Let’s read ‘How To Activate Netspend Card Without SSN?’

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How To Activate Netspend Card Without SSN?

Steps To Activate Netspend Card Without SSN

Netspend is one of the most prominent companies that provide prepaid debit cards. Netspend requires no credit check, and it is not a must to keep a minimum amount on the card. Netspend has several benefits, including the possibility of cashback and faster transactions.

Netspend provides a variety of cards, but each one must be activated before being used. You will be demanded to provide your SSN for the activation process. However, most persons are not comfortable putting their information out in the open, so they often find other ways to activate their Netspend card without their SSN.

It is important to note that activating a Netspend card without an SSN is illegal and does not correspond to the company’s privacy policy which requires a valid means of identification number, preferably government-issued for activation.

However, we have great news for you, while we share this method with you, we recommend that you activate your card legally with your Social Security Number. And also, this method might be unresponsive.

You can activate your Netspend card without SSN by following the steps below:

Go to the official Netspend website and Select the “Activate Card” option.

Input your card number and its security code/CVC.

You will need to input your SSN. In place of this, input 0’s or 1’s in the SSN field. 

When demanded, input your date of birth, and input a date that is not above 18.

That’s it! However, as earlier said, these steps are under probability. Therefore, it might also interest you to know the recommended ways to activate your Netspend card. Read below!

Activating A Netspend Card Over The Phone

This is one of the few ways you can go about activating your card. Here are the steps:

Dial 1-866-387-7363 to begin.

Choose the “Activate new card” option when demanded.

Provide your card number and the 3-digit security number on the card.

Next, you will speak to an agent and you will be asked some questions including your driver’s license, date of birth, SSN, residence address, etc.

After verification of the above information, your card will be activated.

Note that the number provided is not available round the clock, therefore, you will need to call between Monday to Friday within the hours of 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and till 5:00 PM on weekends.

Therefore, even if you call, you will still have to reveal your SSN. If you do not want to use your ID number, you can follow the option above to follow.

Activating A Netspend Card Online

If you would prefer not to follow the phone process, and reveal some personal information, you can opt to follow the online process which will involve navigating the official Netspend website.

Assuming you prefer the online process, you can activate your Netspend card with ease by following these steps:

Go to the Netspend Activation Card page using your mobile phone or computer.

This will redirect you to a page where you will be demanded to input your debit card number and security code/CVC at the back of your card.

Input the CVC and select “Continue”.

Next, sign in to your Netspend account.

Verify your identity after you are signed in by answering some identity verification questions like your SSN, zip code, ID number, date of birth, etc.

You will be demanded to create a new PIN for your debit card. 


Here we have provided the steps on how to activate your Netspend card with or without your SSN. Though we have shown you how to activate your Netspend card without your SSN, we recommend that you do it legally and follow the company’s Privacy Policy, which requires you to provide a valid government-issued identity number like your SSN.


How does NetSpend verify your identity?

Netspend verifies your identity by requiring your name, date of birth, address, and government-issued ID number.

How do I credit my Netspend card?

You can credit your Netspend card by transferring money from a deposit or savings account. To begin, log in to your bank account and link your Netspend Card. Charges may also apply.

How can I get a Netspend card? 

Getting a Netspend card is not difficult. Just fill out an order form online on the Netspend site, and your card will be shipped to you. No additional fees attached.

Can I make a transfer from Netspend to a bank account?

No, you can’t! Except you are transferring to someone who has a Netspend Card. However, you can also receive money from any United State bank account.

How To Activate Netspend Card Without SSN?

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