Where To Buy High Gluten Flour?-Know more

High gluten flour is also known as high-protein wheat flour and is made from wheat. Gluten is high in protein and is responsible for making the dough very stretchy so it’s safe to say that High gluten flour is rich in protein flour used in place of regular flour for baking because of its peculiar characteristics. Let’s read ‘Where To Buy High Gluten Flour’?

Where To Buy High Gluten Flour?

There are lots of places where high gluten flour can be bought. Some retail examples are grocery stores, shopping malls, Supermarkets, online shopping stores, marts, and health food stores. Mostly though, high gluten flour is supplied in bulk from the manufacturers to bakeries, restaurants, and pizza shops. This is because high gluten flour is used instead of regular bread flour in baking rich protein foods such as hard rolls, pretzels, bagels, and pizza. 


Buying high gluten flour from the retailers (online or in-person) is fine until you realize you are probably spending more than you should. The thing is, it’s general knowledge that retail prices are way higher than wholesale prices and high gluten flour is a high-end product. In other words, high gluten price is sold at a high price so you might want to re-consider always running to a retail store each time you need to buy, especially if you have a bakery or restaurant. Some examples of retailers are Amazon, Costco, nuts.com, and Honeyville, amongst others.


This brings us to our wholesalers, of course, if you can’t buy from the retailers, the next stop is with the wholesalers. They give you great value for affordable prices and you can bask in the euphoria of having more with less. Also, you never really have to worry so much if they ever run out of the product you want because you can book days ahead or even weeks ahead and have it supplied to you. This doesn’t mean you cannot do the same with a retail shop but I mean, when you can easily drive or walk a few steps from your home or store to pick up what you need, why call to have it delivered to you at an extra cost? The only sad news is that you could get there and what you are looking for might be sold out so you’d probably end up having to go elsewhere. Examples of wholesalers are Webstaurant Store, haehl sales, etc.

Is High Gluten Flour Considered Healthy?

 In general terms, high gluten flour isn’t considered healthy because of its considerable amount of protein but I guess some people like to say that opinions differ and it’s probably best to say that the answer to this question is relative? However, it is important to note that most advanced and aged people prefer gluten-free brands and meals than having to take foods that are high in gluten and I think this is because, some people believe there is no nutritional content in high gluten flour but some published papers have stated that high gluten flour contains fiber and some minerals such as selenium, iron and magnesium.

Is It True that High Gluten Flour Is Marketed Exclusively At A Retail Level?

I believe this stems from the fact that high gluten flour is an expensive product and that only a few stores are willing and able to market it. These stores are thought to be retail stores but when you look at it like this, isn’t it even easier for a wholesale brand to exclusively market its product? E.g., a wholesale flour mill producing high gluten flour and distributing it sounds more of a straight-chain action than producing and selling to a retail store which in turn sells to the bakery or final consumer as the case may be. However, there are exceptions and different schools of thought, and every idea on this subject matter can be looked at and considered.


 Now we have learnt “Where To Buy High Gluten Flour?”, As stated earlier, there are a variety of options to choose from when considering where to buy high gluten flour, and whatever you decide to do or wherever you decide to buy from is completely up to you. Both the retailers and wholesalers are completely safe choices and it just depends on what you want to achieve. The good news is that high-end gluten flour is here to stay and we the consumers, are ever ready to consume it!

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are there any specific high gluten flour brands you would recommend?

King Arthur baking company and Anthony’s.

  1. What’s the difference between high gluten and gluten-free flour?

High gluten flour is rich in protein while gluten-free flour is not.

  1. Is high gluten flour fattening?

Not exactly.

  1. Are bread flours more accessible than high gluten flours?

Generally speaking, they are.

  1. What are other foods that are rich in gluten?

Bread, pasta, beer, and cereals.

Where To Buy High Gluten Flour?-Know more

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