Free Uber Rides-Know more about it

In any country, people are attracted by free things, whether it be free net, free chips, free chocolate, etc. The same is the case with free rides. People leave no stone unturned to get things for free. Travel companies like Ola, and Uber offer free rides to attract customers. There are various ways in which free rides can be availed. Let’s read about Free Uber Rides.

Free Uber Rides

How to Get Free Uber rides

The free Uber ride can be availed by the following steps-

  • First of all, download the app, and open the free rides section.
  • For free rides, refer your friend or family to Uber. Refer them to the Uber app by sharing your unique referral code with them.
  • As and when your friend installs the app and enters your referral code, your free ride becomes due. Even your friend gets the first ride free when he downloads the app using the referral code.
  • But that free ride can only be availed when the person to whom you have referred takes the first ride. After his/her first ride, you get your ride free.
  • Whenever you refer to any other person, the same process is followed and you get a free ride again. But there is a limit on the number of free rides which changes according to the company’s terms and policies.

Benefits of Free Uber Ride

Giving free rides has advantages for both parties whether it be the operator or the customer.

The benefits to the customer are as follows:

  • Makes traveling cheaper. As the customer gets free rides, so their traveling costs are being reduced 
  • It increases the savings of people and they are able to utilize this money in other places.
  • Act as an incentive to refer others. It gives an incentive to people to refer others to Uber. 
  • They consider themselves as part of the Uber family as they are getting something in return by referring the app to others.

Benefits to Company 

The benefits to Uber are as follows:

  • By giving free rides, the company makes the customer habitual to its services. It increases the overall customer base and adds to the revenue of the company.
  • It acts as a means of publicity by word of mouth. People refer to Uber to each other in lieu of free rides. But the most advantageous stakeholder is the company.
  • It acts as an easier way to grab the customer. Other ways are more time-consuming and hectic 
  • It saves the company costs of promoting through advertisements.
  • It gives them a competitive edge. In lieu of free rides, people prefer Uber over Ola.

Tricks used by the customer to take free rides

The customers are becoming smarter day by day. They resort to different ways to get free rides.

They make use of their own alternative number so as to take free rides. In this way, the customer takes free rides and no new customer is added to the board of Uber. People use smart ways to grab these free rides.

Moreover, some websites even offer promo codes by using which free rides can be availed. Most of the time, these promo codes work and help the customer to get free rides.

Moreover, the customer also makes a fake account by using a G-mail account and taking free rides.

So these practices help them get free rides.

Is the ride really free?

Nothing in this world is free. It happens many times that we think that we are getting something as free but in reality, we are losing something to gain that thing.

For example, let us take the example of free rides when we register ourselves and refer our friends, family, and others for getting free rides. We are losing 2 things –

First, we are using our mobile data to download the app.

Second, we are giving our credentials like mobile number, name, access to location, etc to these companies which are available for their own benefit later. 

Hardly do we realize that we are losing our data just to get free rides. These companies have the capacity to bear small costs to take long-term advantage. By charging the money, the company not only recovers its previous costs but also increases its customer base.


It is rightly said that “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” So, we should not be greedy. We should realize that nothing in this world is free. Everything has its own share of cost. So, we should avail of free rides only if we require them. It is not worth it to recommend Uber to anyone just because of getting free rides. Because these rides which are initially free will be paid up later in any way whatsoever.

Free Uber Rides-Know more about it

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