How does the Target returns policy on cosmetics work?- Know more

Makeup is the most wanted luxury desired by hundreds of customers across the world. Customers visit the in-store target beauty departments and when they see different varieties their desire to buy products increases. Most of the time buyers do not like the product or they feel that the product is not the right fit for them. This makes them wonder about the return policy of Target’s cosmetics? Now Let’s learn about ‘How does the Target returns policy on cosmetics work?’.

How does the Target returns policy on cosmetics work?

How does the Target returns policy on cosmetics work?

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As of 2022, the return policy of Target’s makeup products is that they return all unopened makeup products within the first 90 days with the original receipt. The RedCard holders are allowed to return the products within 120 days. Keep on reading if you are interested to know more about the products that can be returned and why your request for a return was cancelled? Also, the things that are important to claim the return? Keep on reading!

Steps to claim the return policy on Target’s cosmetics 

The return policy of Target’s makeup products is very flexible as it facilitates its customers in every possible way to create loyalty between them. Target allows its valuable customers to return the makeup products within the following time frames with proper proof of purchase.

Step 1– Claim the return of the product within the time limit given. 

  • Within 90 days of the original receipt. 
  • The cardholders of Target RedCard are allowed to return within 120 days 
  • The products which are manufactured by Target’s brand are allowed to return within one year

Step 2– Arrange Proof of purchase. 

Step 3– Original receipts are required for the 100% refund at the given time. 

Step 4– There are other options as well to cater all the loyal customers such as the exchange offers.

What happens when the time expires to return? 

If the given time limits of the return have expired then the return policy of Target will refuse to claim your return respectively. But there is another option, there might be no full grant to the products but you will be allowed to exchange the product with any other of the same price range or you can add more amounts to purchase any other products. 

  • Full amount will not be returned after 90 days of the purchase
  • You will be given the equivalent of the item purchased 
  • A gift card can be given to you for your next visit to the store

Return without receipt 

The return policy of Target is strict about the proof of purchase. There are other ways to assure the store manager about the purchase other than the receipts. If the receipt is lost, you can show your card bill for proof of purchase. The purchases can be traced easily by the Target online team management if the payment is made from the following sources: 

  • Visa card 
  • Target RedCard 
  • AmEx 
  • Personal check 
  • MasterCard
  • Target gift card 
  • Discover

What Does Target cosmetics do?

It is a renowned cosmetics brand store, it has been acknowledged on international levels. The makeup and cosmetics products of the target are appreciated. It has a wide range of makeup products. It has gained a large target audience in the target market respectively.

How Much Money Does Target cosmetics Make?

As this beauty store has a large audience the yearly revenue it generates is remarkable. The employees of the target are given from $8 to $18 per hour. Target cosmetics appreciates and rewards their employee’s hard work with bonuses and other increments.


The claims for the online purchases will be made by the barcodes or the receipts at your account at respectively. The payments which are made by direct cash will not cater to your return claim at the target makeup store. The return policy is flexible enough for all the regular buyers of Target, as they give you maximum leverage on time for return. All they need is proof of purchase, whether the product is used, opened, or not they will entertain your return claim respectively all they need and require is the alternative way of proof of purchase. If the product is fully used and is finished and you claim the return with the receipt in 90 days, the return will not be catered.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can used cosmetics returned to Target?

Yes, but you can only return the products within 90 days. Target card holders can return them in 120 days.

  1. Can I return unopened makeup to Target?

Yes, but you can only return unopened makeup products within 90 days. Target card holders can return them in 120 days.

  1. What items Target does not accept for return?

Opened, used or defective collectibles, personalized products and digital downloads, opened or unsealed breast pumps, and gift cards.

  1. Are there any return exceptions?

Yes, you must have a receipt for returning products.

How does the Target returns policy on cosmetics work?- Know more

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