Cancel Adobe Acrobat Pro- Find More About It


After you cancel the Adobe Acrobat Subscription, you can no longer have access to additional applications of the system. One can only access free membership benefits. Let us know more detail about ‘Cancel Adobe Acrobat Pro’.

Cancel Adobe Acrobat Pro

Cancel Adobe Acrobat Pro

Answer- Adobe acrobat is a PDF application that offers basic PDF features that allow you to view, create, edit, sign, and convert PDF files. It also allows viewing the PDFs online and offline. It comprises of Acrobat Reader, etc. Moreover, there is a better and professional version of it that can be accessed with the help of Pro version of acrobat. The Pro version besides providing basic adobe acrobat functions also provides certain additional functions.  

Why to Cancel?  

When you are not using Adobe acrobat for any reason and feel you are wasting money you can cancel the subscription. Also, applications and features of Adobe Acrobat is not for everyone as it requires little bit technical understanding.  

Need for Adobe acrobat Pro:

Adobe acrobat is free and is easily accessible. But, to get Adobe Acrobat Pro you need to get subscription.  

The steps to cancel adobe acrobat pro are mentioned below. 

Steps to cancel adobe acrobat pro 

  1. Visit   
  2. Sign in to your adobe account 
  3. On the top of the page, there is a ‘Plans’ option. 
  4. Click on ‘Manage Plan’ next to your Adobe Acrobat Pro Subscription. 
  5. Select ‘Plan and payment’. 
  6. Click ‘Cancel Plan’. 
  7. Choose a reason for cancelling and click ‘Continue’. 

For further details and doubts, visit the following website  

Consideration before Canceling  

There are some things that should be kept in mind before canceling Adobe Plan.  For example, you should be sure while canceling subscription as it causes technical issues when a person tries to use their account. Before canceling or even prior to make account for subscription you should need to understood the term and conditions. Also, after 14days, one is not accountable to get the refund. Hence, you should cancel the account before 14 days only.  

Moreover, canceling the subscription does not mean that the account is deleted. You can access your account but you have to deal with less storage. Also, you are limited to certain applications only. 

After cancelling an Adobe acrobat Pro 

Once you cancel your subscription, you have an access to limited services and applications. You can only access limited features and applications without Adobe Acrobat Pro Subscription.   

Cancellation fee and Refund 

When you cancel an adobe subscription, you may be able to get a refund in certain situation. Refund will depend upon the type of cancellation plan and subscription you had. If you cancel the subscription within 14 days of the purchase, you will be able to refund. But after 14 days, you are not entitled to a refund.   

Frequently asked questions 

Q1. If I had a previous version of Acrobat. Why should I move to Acrobat Pro Subscription? 

Reason to upgrade your acrobat Version: 

  • To get your work done on online or offline. 
  • To access your account in mobile device also. 
  • Create, convert, share, and sign files from your desktop, mobile device, or in a browser. 
  • To get comments and reviews in a single PDF file only and stay informed about the progress. 
  • View and track status of documents sent for signature, send reminders, cancel requests, and more in the Home View. 
  • Work more efficiently using the Touch Bar on MacBook Pro Computers. 
  • Open multiple PDFs in a single window. 
  • Digitally sign, certify, and verify documents more easily with updated Certificates tool. 
  • Use different tools and applications to enhance work efficiency. 
  • To share PDFs with others to work together. 

Besides these there are many others pros to get subscription of Adobe Acrobat Pro Subscription. 

Q2. How can I learn to use Adobe Acrobat? 

 To learn how to use the functions, features, and applications of Adobe Acrobat, you need to visit the website and further information and tutorials visit Acrobat DC Learn and Support. 

 Q3. What do I get when I Subscribe to Adobe Acrobat Pro? 

When you subscribe to Adobe Acrobat Pro, you get unlimited access to its applications. You can edit, create, sign, share, and convert the PDFs from your browser, mobile device, and also from desktop. 

Q4. What are the terms to cancel the Subscription?   

You can cancel the subscription any time through your Adobe Account Page or by contacting Customer Support. If you cancel within 14 days of the subscription, you will be fully refunded but, after 14 days, the payment is not refundable and the service will continue till the end of the plan.  


To cancel the Adobe Acrobat Subscription, one need to be very clear as sometimes it causes technical issues when one tries to reuse it after canceling it. Also, it should be required to go through Terms and Conditions before canceling the subscription. 

Cancel Adobe Acrobat Pro- Find More About It

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