Does Trader Joe’s Sell Macarons?-Read To Know


Macarons are France-based sandwich cookies gorgeously packed with multiple flavors. Trader Joe’s is well known worldwide for its low-priced and unique food items. It is then not surprising if Trader Joe’s started to sell macarons.

Does Trader Joe's Sell Macarons?

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Macarons?

Yes, Trader Joe’s does sell macarons. They have dozens of macarons varieties in all of their outlets. Their macarons are cost-friendly at around $4.99. These macaron varieties come in six amazing, mouth-watering flavors. There are also chocolate and vanilla-flavored macarons. They claim that their macarons are exclusively made by French Chefs. Their recipes are, therefore, purely France based and authentic. These macarons come packed in a plastic tray and are very handy. Just pull one out from the freezer and enjoy these delightful flavors. These classic macarons are utterly delicious and satisfying with lively fillings. Trader Joe’s claims that their macarons are completely made from natural products without any artificial fillings. These amazing-tasting cookies are go-to desserts for thousands of consumers and they are very satisfied with the Trader Joe’s macarons. They also keep some seasonal macarons. For example, they introduced heart-shaped macarons during the valentine’s season which were made from raspberry cream.

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Let’s take a look at the some of the flavors these macarons come in:

  1. Apricot
  2. Coconut
  3. Fig
  4. Salted Caramel
  5. Lemon
  6. Pistachio


A fascinating taste of apricot fruit sandwiched between vibrant orange shells. Fruity flavors make this macaron a delight to eat.


An unforgettable taste of coconut cream in these macarons is appetizing. You cannot leave the store without picking up these macarons.


Fig jams themselves are delicious but when packed between the macaron shell containing unique flavors makes them much more worthy. The irresistible fruitful flavor of fig jam is something that makes these macarons appetizing.

Salted Caramel:

These are one of the most loved French macarons. There is salted caramel in between the vanilla buttercream. The sweet-salty combination of these macarons perfectly balances the taste and is a treat to eat.


Lemon-flavored macarons are packed with the sweet and savory flavor of citrus. They have a refreshing taste which makes them appealing enough to make you grab some from the store.


These are classic macarons filled with pistachio cream. These are heavenly in taste. Every bite is filled with pistachio flavor that is sweet in all aspects yet so balanced that you can’t stop eating them.


This small, sweet cuisine of Trader Joe’s is definitely worth the money and cost-effective too. They also challenged people to find these perfect-tasting macarons at the same price. Authentic macarons with completely natural flavors make these macarons the best product on the market. Low-calorie dessert is a dream for many and it seems Trader Joe’s keeps that in mind. These macarons are a perfect dessert for everyone and are a must-buy product from their store. 


  • How many macarons are there in one box?

“A Dozen Macarons Variés” contains six flavors in one box and have two macarons of each type. These come in an assorted plastic box.

  • How many calories are in Trader Joe’s macarons?

There are 45 calories per macaron which are relatively low content compared to other desserts.

  • Are Trader Joe’s macarons gluten-free?

Reviews suggest that these macarons are indeed gluten-free. Trader Joe’s themselves also claimed them to be gluten-free.

  • How do you serve these macarons?

Just pull out the plastic box of macarons from the refrigerator and defrost them before eating. Their texture is supposed to be light, and soft. So, they are generally eaten at room temperature.

  • How long do Trader Joe’s macarons last?

As soon as these macarons are thawed, they are good to eat for two days. When kept refrigerated they can last up to seven weeks.

  • What are the ingredients in Trader Joe’s macarons?

Sugar, almond, and egg whites are the primary ingredients. They act as the base for all kinds of macarons.

While, figs, apricot, coconut, etc. constitute the secondary ingredients. Their consistency is kept in check and all the ingredients are fresh to keep the quality intact.

  • Who makes Trader Joe’s macarons?

Since macarons are French desserts, they are made by French masters, to keep their originality. All the macarons are authentic and original.

  • Are Trader Joe’s macarons good?

Multiple reviews suggest that these macarons are incredibly delicious and eye-catching. Some also claim them to be one of the best Trader Joe’s products. They are perfectly balanced with multiple flavors. Their hard outer shell and soft creamy filling melt inside the mouth in the most amazing way. The chefs are trained and talented enough to bring out the best flavors.

  • Are Trader Joe’s macarons healthy?

When it comes to desserts, they are generally rich in calories and therefore not so good for health. But these macarons are relatively very low in calorie content. Three macarons constitute a total of 110 calories. All the nutritional details of these macarons are available on the official site of Trader Joe’s. Reviewers give their nutritional profile a thumbs-up.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Macarons?-Read To Know

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