Reliant Life Shares Complaints

Reliant life shares are a strategy that enables people to grow their wealth through the utility of an interesting investment known as life shares. Life shares are unique investment products created to deliver long-term capital growth and safety of principal. It’s an effective investment as it does not involve stock market influences or risks, has no annual fees, and above all provides great returns. However, just like any other form of investment, there’s bound to be some form of misunderstanding either in consumer information, understanding the process, or a bridge in agreement on the path of the shares’ company itself. Problems such as this could paint a picture of the company not being trustworthy, or in worst cases could make investors lose interest in the process. Let us know ‘Reliant Life Shares Complaints’.

Reliant Life Shares Complaints

Therefore, as a company that has the interest of our investors at heart, we thought it wise to write this article; which would centre on the major complaints of our reliant life shares, as well as the ways to resolve them. I hope you’ll stick around and learn a thing or two. Investors experience various levels of problems based on certain factors, but I’m going to focus on one based on investor reviews. The popular complaint is the company not living up to its expectation in terms of the earlier agreement, or breaking the laws. I’ll explain all this in just a moment.  


  1. Unnecessary Requests for Premiums and Maintenance Fees 
  • Let me start by telling you the story of an investor who prefers anonymity. This investor is still not convinced about the life shares process. 
  • According to her, the salesman she met assured her that her accounts were properly researched, and would never go past the date of the prepaid premium. 
  • To her greatest surprise, she was constantly receiving demands for premiums and account maintenance fees. 
  • The shocking thing is that this investor hasn’t gotten any maturity on any of her accounts. 

2. Failure of the company to Pay Credit Insurance Premiums

  • Another client claimed to have bought two cars from a certain company. 
  • The purchased cars were funded by the Reliant life shares company. 
  • This company required that he made a credit insurance payment, notwithstanding the earlier cost of the vehicle. 
  • The client claims that he made a payment of over $2,000 in credit insurance. 
  • Eventually, he was supposed to get this money back; unfortunately, the administrator in charge of the insurance company bluntly denied him his right.

 The administrator tried to justify his action on the premise that separate insurance companies were involved in the case.

How to address Reliant Life Shares Complaints?

In the light of the above-described challenges, here are some of the ways to ameliorate the situation, but before then, I must stress the need for you to understand that there are different risks for every investment; as such, you must be well equipped with the knowledge of these risks before venturing into them. However, you must also understand that Reliance Life Shares is not fully an insurance company, rather it’s a company that only manages your investment. 


  • Start by tendering a formal request to the company’s executive
  • The Better Business Bureau is ideal to lodge your complaint
  • In a case where the complaint involves complaints relating to death benefits, then the State’s Insurance Commissioner is ideal.
  • You could also request a third-party mediation.
  • Clearly state your losses in a demand letter.
  • As a last resort where the above steps don’t work, you could sue them in court.

 In addition to these steps, you could also visit to enable you to file a proper complaint or have them sued on your behalf.

Company Contact Information 

Address15260 Ventura Blvd #1200 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Having highlighted the complaints and the ways to address them, it is important to also note that there are investors that have utilized this life share to the fullest, and are very much satisfied with the whole process. I hope that this would also be your story once you read and apply this article. Till then, have a wonderful investment experience! 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is the minimum allowed investment?

The minimum allowed investment is $25,000, and it could be funded through cash or retirement accounts.

  1. Can I Invest in Life Settlements through my CPA, Financial Planner, banker, or stock broker?

This is doubtful because the investment is an alternative asset; as such, most CPAs, bankers, and retail stock brokers are not conversant with institutional life settlements.

  1. How do Reliant Life Shares make money?

The amount of money made in the company is a function of what they raise from investors and their total costs in a policy. The company charges no fees.

Reliant Life Shares Complaints

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