Can Mermaids Mate With Humans?

The mating of Mermaids and Humans depends upon the belief that they exist or not. If they do then there could be possibilities of humans and mermaids mating together and if not then, well there is not much to discuss. If we say that we believe that mermaids exist then they would be able to mate with humans. They are considered to be half fish because of the fins and half mammals because of the breasts. So the most common explanation would be like a human they can reproduce and like a fish they lay eggs. There could be many further possibilities as we can not be sure as to what the actual truth is. Here is a deep dive into some of the further possibilities. 

Can Mermaids Mate With Humans?


The thing people don’t understand is that mermaids are female of the merpeople. The male mermaids are called mermen. If they were to mate with humans(females) then their role would only be to eject their sperm into the female’s. This would be possible when we understand where the penis of the merman would be located. 

The hormone cycle would work almost the same in the mermaids mate as the male humans. So the sperm should be enough for the baby to be born. Now we would have to assume that the penis of the mermen is in the same area as in the female i.e. in front of the anal fin.

Conditions of carrying the baby

Carrying a baby of a human for a mermaid or vice versa would be a big challenge. There are many complications when a human carries a human baby but for a mermaid to carry a human baby could be far more complicated than we can imagine. Seeing whose gene is more strong, the baby would be born. 

The baby

The baby if the merpeople mate with humans would be a halfling according to fantasy novels and movies. Their description would be similar to humans except half as tall, but not like a dwarf. But if we consider a vast possibility then we could say that the baby would be able to change form whenever they like, being possibly the strongest among humans and mermaids. 

Other wild possibilities

This possibility comes from the movie Ariel. Consider a mermaid, somehow given the ability to walk with legs, mates with a human. So the mating would be naturally human. So naturally, the baby should be human. But the girl has mermaid genes which speaking scientifically, couldn’t possibly change because they have legs so the child born would either be a human, a mermaid, or a halfling. 


We are living in a world full of endless possibilities. There are many unanswered questions and many things which we can only assume to be a certain way. One of the many unanswered questions is whether mermaids exist and if they exist then they mate with humans. Every detail above is a pure assumption that could be different for different people. Some people only believe what they see but oh! to see far beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How likely is it that mermaids and sirens exist?

To this day we humans could only discover 5% of the underwater oceans. We likely find many other different creatures that we can’t even think about there other than mermaids and sirens. 

  1. Can mermaids transform into humans when on land?

According to fantasy movies and novels, they can transform but they have certain conditions or rules. Even if they could, we probably won’t be able to differentiate between a human and a mermaid transformed into a human with legs instead of fins.

  1. Do mermaids bleed monthly like humans?

No, they won’t bleed because if it was that then the waters would be full of blood trailing wherever they go. Mermaids like any other creature will have a different reproduction cycle than humans depending on their lifestyle.

  1. Are mermaids aggressive?

The mermaids as said by the sailors who claim to have an encounter with them are very aggressive. One of the sailors says that the worst fear is being bitten by one as they have bad teeth which hurt badly on the human skin. So if there is a possible encounter the only thing you could do is run for your life. 

  1. Why do mermaids love water?

It is as if asking a human why you love the land. Well, they can’t possibly get anywhere except water with their fins. Unless they can change form. 

Can Mermaids Mate With Humans?

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