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The Court TV channel is Broadcasting On What Channel?

In the United States, a true crime television network, Court TV broadcasts and formerly aired on Cox cable. Everything that’s new in criminal activity is shown there. O.J. Simpson, Harvey Weinstein, and a slew of other high-profile trials were all on this channel, which had the unique channel number 466. It’s  possible to call COX customer support for help if Court TV isn’t available. There are a number of streaming services accessible, including Vizio’s SmartTV platform and YouTube TV,  Apple, Android, and Pluto TV. Let us read about ‘Court Tv On Cox’.

Court Tv On Cox

A Chronological Overview of Court TV

On July 1, 1991, at 6:00 a.m. Eastern Time, the inventor of Court TV, Steven Brill, launched the Courtroom Television Network as a cable television channel.

Before 1995, it was set up as a new channel that broadcast only court proceedings. Since then, they’ve gone by the name “Court TV” instead. Time Warner and American Lawyer Media’s American Trial Network and Cablevision and NBC’s In Court were competing proposals to build cable channels showing live courtroom events. It was at the National Cable Television Conference that both projects were shown. It was the first to broadcast court events round-the-clock. Before 1995, it was launched as a new channel that broadcast only court proceedings. They changed their name to Court TV and have kept it ever since.

On December 10, 2018, Katz Broadcasting, which is owned by E. W. Scripps Company said that Court TV would be brought back via digital broadcast network. It bought the intellectual property rights to the name “Court TV” and the original programming library of Court TV from Turner Broadcasting System and Warner Bros. Television Studios. Vinnie Politan will be the main anchor for live court coverage, and former Court TV anchors John Alleva and Scott Tufts will be the vice presidents and managing editors for the new Court Television. The digital broadcast was officially launched on May 8, 2019.

What Are Some Of The Most Watched Shows On Court TV Right Now?

‘American Greed’ is a documentary series about white-collar crimes, such as embezzlement and fraud. In this series, high-profile corporate crimes, financial schemes, and scandals from American history are written in a narrative format. Reality show The Hunt with John Wolsh depicts the boat, John Walsh, as he goes on the hunt for fugitives. Similar to America’s Most Wanted, The Hunt with John Walsh focuses on cases of missing persons and unsolved homicides. On the FBI Files: This is an investigative documentary series that focuses on some of the most high-profile cases that the FBI has handled in its history. As soon as the first episode aired in 1998, the show was an instant hit. While he is also executive producer, Tom Morris Jr is also the show’s host.

This is a reality television show that tells the lives of victims who have been abused by their abusers. Rather than focusing on the perpetrators, like in previous courtroom dramas, this one focuses on the victims’ experiences. Homicide investigations are depicted in The First 48: A Documentary Series. During the first 48 hours of a murder investigation, the film depicts what happened behind the scenes. The show depicts in great detail the efforts of homicide investigators in order to solve crimes and imprison their perpetrators in real time.

What Is Cox Cable, And Why Should I Care?

Cable television, telephone and home services are all provided by Cox Communications Inc.Cox helps you stay in touch with the things you love and do. It’s the third biggest cable TV company in the U.S. It has 6.5 million customers, including 2.9 million digital cable subscribers (2.9 million households), 33.5 million internet customers, and 3.2 million phone customers, making it the seventh largest phone provider in the country. Cox Cable used to be called “Cox Broadcasting,” but now it goes by the name “Cox Cable.”


In addition to 140+ live channels and high-speed internet, Cox Contour TV and internet bundles start at $95.99 per month. Find the channel you’re looking for with the help of the photo guide provided below.

Recommended PackagesPriceChannel CountPopular Channels 
Contour TV$98.00/month140+ESPN, Hallmark and more
Contour Tv Ultimate$138/month250+HBO, SHOWTIME and more.


More than three decades after it was first broadcast on television, Court TV is still going strong in the diaspora of American society. Its primary focus is on bringing the most recent crimes to light.

  • Is Court TV still a channel?

Yes , it is still available on cable, satellite, over the air and online at

  • Where can I watch Court TV for free?

You can stream Court TV on Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Android TV and Vizio Smart TVs.

Court Tv On Cox – Know More

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