Amtrak Roomette Cost- Know More About It

Amtrak roomette sleepers are awesome. The Amtrak roomette covers showers, beds to sleep on, and meals making traveling easier for Americans. And these luxuries come with additional costs. In most cases, an ordinary Amtrak roomette sleeper is more expensive than flying first class. However, with the new federal government in trains, there will be new routes, new trains, and a lot of interest in traveling by rail. In this article, we will see about ‘Amtrak Roomette Cost’.

Amtrak Roomette Cost

Amtrak Roomette Cost

Amtrak roomettes, on average, are between the range of $900-$1,500 for two trip tickets between two cities in the United States. If you are going for a longer ride across different countries with an Amtrak roomette, it will cost you more than $2,500 per ticket. But if you are lodging and paying for food and travel, the cost won’t be more than $3,000.

In this article, you will learn what Amtrak roomette is, how much it costs, and the factors that determine the cost.

What is An Amtrak Roomette?

An Amtrak roomette is a sleeping car compartment in a railroad train. Amtrak was first used in North America and later carried to New Zealand and Australia. Amtrak is a portmanteau in America, while trak is a sensational spelling of track. Amtrak roomette rooms are small and initially generated to be used by a single person, but due to advancements in technology, it was scheduled for two people. 

How Much Does An Amtrak Roomette Cost?

Amtrak roomette varies depending on the location you are moving from to another city. Here below are the prices of Amtrak roomette trips between the united states:

United States West Coast

  • Los Angeles to Chicago (85 hours): $2,548
  • Los Angeles to Portland (60 hours): $1,591
  • Seattle to Chicago (90 hours): $2,847
  • Chicago to Seattle (60 hours): $896
  • Chicago to San Francisco (90 hours): $1,152

U.S Mountain States

  • Denver to NYC (84 hours): $3,006
  • Salt Lake City to Chicago (68 hours): $1,958
  • Denver to Chicago (36 hours): $1,598
  • Albuquerque to St Louis (50 hours): $1,622
  • New Orleans to Los Angeles (30 hours): $1,073

United States Midwest

  • Cleveland to NYC (25 hours): $968
  • Cincinnati to Portland, ME (70 hours): $1,602
  • Chicago to New Orleans (40 hours): $1,196
  • Pittsburgh to Chicago (20 hours): $998

United States South

  • New Orleans to Washington, D.C. (56 hours): $1,294
  • Dallas to Chicago (48 hours): $1,113
  • New Orleans to San Diego (100 hours): $3,013
  • Tampa to Washington, D.C. (44 hours): $1,468

The United States East Coast

  • New York City to Chicago (39 hours): $1,512
  • New York City to Los Angeles (136 hours): $3,673
  • New York City to Orlando (44 hours): $1,364
  • New York City to Denver (89 hours): $3094

If you select an Amtrak roomette for a trip, you will find comfortability sitting alongside many luxuries that range from a pillow, linens or towel, upgraded bedding, and dedicated attendants. Also, during the trip in Amtrak roomette, you will enjoy complimentary meals during your trip. 

How To Get A Cheap Amtrak Roomette?

You can purchase an Amtrak roomette during the Amtrak buy one get one free sale, also known as Amtrak BOGO sales. This is a discount and promo time offer by Amtrak for passengers to be able to save half of their roomette cost even if two people are travelling together. To be notified of when Amtrak roomette promo and discount sales are starting, you can sign on Amtrak’s official website for Amtrak Guest Reward.

Types Of Amtrak Trains That Have Superliner Roomettes

  • Capitol Limited
  • City of New Orleans
  • Sunset Limited
  • Empire Builder
  • California Zephyr
  • Auto Train
  • Coast Starlight
  • Southwest Chief
  • Texas Eagle


In Amtrak terms, a roomette is a private room of about 3′ x 6′. It occupies space for two people to be comfortable, with a reclining seat facing one another to a big eye-level window and a second window for additional light. So, if you are interested in the Amtrak roomette, the price depends on your desired location. And if you wish to save money, look out for promos and discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What is the difference between an Amtrak roomette and a bedroom?

A bedroom on Amtrak is twice bigger than a roomette. The extra room that makes an Amtrak bedroom bigger than a roomette allows for a private bathroom. Even though the Amtrak bedroom is bigger, it has lower and upper berths for sleeping. When you book an Amtrak bedroom, you will enjoy the same meals and other items in both rooms. But a roomette is a good option if you want to save money.

  • Is the Amtrak roomette worth it?

Amtrak roomette is a great way to see the whole country through a private room. Getting an Amtrak roomette is worth it because you will be getting free bags and meals.

  • Do Amtrak roomettes have a bathroom?

A superliner roomette doesn’t have a bathroom for each person. Two or three share the same bathroom for each sleeper. At the same time, a viewer roomette on the United States east coast has a bathroom in each room.

Amtrak Roomette Cost- Know More About It

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