Can You Get Banned For Spamming Celebrities On Snapchat?

Snapchat has existed for a couple of years now and it is a popular social media platform that many people in the world are using. This social media platform allows its users to do many things, like chatting with friends and strangers. However, there are some things that you can do that will deprive you of using this app and enjoying its benefits. Let’s see Can You Get Banned For Spamming Celebrities On Snapchat?

Can You Get Banned For Spamming Celebrities On Snapchat?

Violating the policy of the platform will get you a usage restriction and you will get banned for a while. Policy violations like spamming other users of the platform can get you banned, but sometimes you can get away with it. However, when you spam celebrities, Snapchat might not let you get away with it. You will get banned for a while and your account would get released afterward. 

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What does spam on Snapchat mean?

The dictionary defines spam messages as unsolicited messages that are usually commercial. It is defined to be in the form of text, emails, internet posts, and social media posts. This definition is similar to what spam means on Snapchat. On Snapchat, spamming a user means sending him or her an unsolicited message. In clearer terms, spamming someone on Snapchat is sending them unwanted, terrible, or annoying messages. When you do this, you are invading their privacy and disrupting their usage of the platform. Also, spamming is against Snapchat policy and violators will get punished for it.

Can you get banned for spamming celebrities on Snapchat?

Spamming is an offense on Snapchat and you can get banned for the act. It is against Snapchat policy and the app frowns at policy violations. The punishment they mostly give is banning the violating user. However, many people have escaped this punishment when they violated the app rules. So, such persons feel the app doesn’t take any actions against its policy violators. The reason some people might have spammed other users on Snapchat and not get banned is that nobody reported their account. If you send spam messages to a regular user of the platform, it might take over one report from one user for Snapchat to take any action against your account. It could be over 3 reports from different users that can provoke an action from the platform.

However, if a celebrity on Snapchat or anyone who has a verified account reports your account for spamming, you can’t get away with it. This is because Snapchat prioritizes the comfort of the celebrities that they have on the app. So, if you get reported, it takes rapid steps to investigate the authenticity of the report. Then, the reported account will get banned if the app finds it guilty of the policy violation. Snapchat takes 24hrs to review a spam message report, and it doesn’t immediately take action on the culprit. It only deletes the spam message and warns the account owner to desist from the act and not repeat it. If it gets another report against the same account, it can then ban the account and lift the ban after 24 hours. However, if the user continues to send spam messages and reports keep coming in against them, their account will get banned permanently. 

Other things that can make you get banned on Snapchat

Aside from frequently sending spam messages, there are a few other actions that you can take that go against Snapchat policy. Also, these actions can make the Snapchat ban temporarily and permanently if you persist in continuing it. Such actions are: 

  • Sending explicit contents

Many people, for different reasons like sending people sexually explicit messages or snaps and Snapchat, don’t approve of it. If the platform gets a report against you for this issue, it might permanently ban you without giving warning bans. Aside from sending such content to people who are not interested in them, requesting explicit content from a user that is under 18 is also a big offense.

  • When you use the platform for illegal activities

When you scam people or do other illegal activities with spamming celebrities on Snapchat, your account will get banned. This is because the platform is totally against illegal activities and impersonating someone can also make Snapchat ban you. This is against Snapchat policy and the law.

  • Spreading false information and using curse words

The purpose of Snapchat is to connect people and make the world a better place, spreading love and snaps. This purpose gets defeated when people spread fake news and use the curse words on the app. Snapchat will ban anyone who violates its policy. Using curse words and spreading fake news is against Snapchat policy. So, like every other offense, the platform will warn you with a ban for a few hours. If you continue violating, it will block you permanently.


Snapchat can be fun to use if you obey the rules the platform has set aside for its users. If you violate these rules, you will get banned from accessing the app for about 24 hours. Afterward, the app will grant you access, hoping you have learned your lesson. However, if you continue violating these rules, Snapchat bans you permanently. One thing you should not do to avoid getting banned is sending spam messages. It is even worse when you spam a celebrity.

Can You Get Banned For Spamming Celebrities On Snapchat?

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