Horse Insurance Cost- Know More

Horse insurance, also known as Equine insurance, covers the cost of any unforeseen events with a horse. If your horse becomes sick or deceased, the insurance will shield it. An insured horse can be healed if sick without a fee. On the side, an uninsured horse can also be treated but with extra charges.

Horse insurance cost

 If you’re running a horse-based business, then it’s compulsory and beneficial for you to have horse insurance to avoid any future loss. As we all know, the treatment of the horse is pretty expensive. So, it is good to pay monthly or yearly for insurance rather than facing a huge loss. In this article, I’ll be guiding you on the insurance cost of the horse.

Types of Horse insurance

Full mortality insurance covers the death of your horse because of any injury, poison, sickness, or theft. The premium cost of this insurance is $150 if your horse’s value is more than $10,000. The rates can vary depending on the value of your horse or age if you choose the Full mortality base plan.

Horse business insurance, also known as commercial equine liability insurance, covers horse-based business owners and includes riding trainers. This insurance costs $250 annually. For the additional horse, insurance companies take an extra amount between $40 to $50.

Horse rider insurance covers when you are not owning a horse but caring for one. This type of insurance gives protection to you and the horse you’re riding on. This insurance costs around $1073.02, and many insurance companies have different policies.

Commercial horse vehicle insurance costs start from $150 to $280 yearly. This insurance covers all the damage to the vehicle on which you transport horses it aims to give peace of mind to the one who owns a horse.

What is the cost of Horse insurance?

The horse insurance cost varies with the type of insurance you choose for your horse. As I’ve mentioned above, there are various insurance types but if we talk specifically about horse insurance rates, it’s from $150 to $280 yearly, or monthly around $27, but if you choose horse rider insurance, then it will be $11, as you don’t own a horse. In different countries, insurance policies are different from each other.

What is Veteran horse insurance?

Veteran horse insurance is for the horse aged between 16 to 30 once your horse cross 15, it’s considered an older one, and at this age, the chances of catching sickness, illness, or diseases are high. But don’t need to be upset he can be still active and good in health just take care of your horse. The basic plan of veteran insurance is for horses aged 17.

Third Subheading – What is a Major medical insurance & its cost?

This insurance provides full medical coverage to your horse, it’s like health insurance for horses that includes all medical procedures for horses such as accidents, sickness, or any illness treatment. The cost of this insurance is between $175 to $300 yearly.

What companies do offer insurance for horses?

There are many companies or non-profit organizations that offer insurance for your horses few of them are Jorene Mize Insurance Agency, National Equine Adjusting, Star H equine insurance, Equine insurance center, Marshal & Sterling, and the Emo agency, Inc.


The insurance cost for horses can be high or low at price according to your horse type, age, and most importantly, value. Everyone wants to keep them and their loved one safe maybe that loved one for you is your horse. So, take care of your horse and avoid unexpected future loss with the help of insurance.


1) What if your horse’s age is 18 do it considered older?

Yes, the horses above 16 are considered the older ones at this age, the horse needs more care and attention. 

2) What is surgical insurance for horses?

If you can’t afford major medical insurance for your horse, then surgical insurance can be considered. The surgical insurance covers the medical costs only.

3) How to take care of your horse?

Horses are considered challenging and brave animals. Everyone wants to have them but can’t afford them as the price of a horse is between $100 to $10,000, depending on the type you want to buy. So, if you have a horse, then take care of it by following these tips:

  • Take care of their sleeping area
  • Keep your horse clean
  • Give your horse grain to eat
  • Take care of their hygiene
  • Fill water buckets
  • Take care of their health

4) What is a good shelter for a horse?

Commonly, a horse keeps in a stable, a building that’s divided into stalls and used to keep animals, especially horses. A Stable is a place where horses feel peace and comfort. So, if your horse is in a Stable, then be sure it is super safe.

Horse Insurance Cost- Know More

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