How Much Is An Eye Exam At Walmart?- know more

A consistent eye examination is one crucial way you care for your eyes and, by inference, your overall health. Even if you do not have an eye defect, it can help you detect one from afar and prevent it. As it is with every other convenience you get at Walmart, you can get a reasonable price for your eye examination and glass prescription. We will be giving you detailed information on everything you need to know about the cost of an eye exam at Walmart. How Much Is An Eye Exam At Walmart? 

How Much Is An Eye Exam At Walmart?

The cost for an eye examination differs at Walmart vision centers. However, the cost for an eye exam is mainly around 65 to 80 dollars. This price is relatively low when compared to other vision centers. 

Getting An Eye Examination At Walmart 

You can get an eye exam at Walmart by making an appointment. You can simply go on the Walmart website and schedule your eye exam. Most of Walmart’s optometrists are self-dependent doctors whose offices are close to the vision center, so they can easily meet up with you when you make an appointment. 

How Much An Eye Exam At Walmart Cost?

The cost of an eye examination at a Walmart vision center varies by the intensity of the examination and location. The average cost of an eye examination at Walmart is $70. If you live in an area where the standard of living is pretty high and you have an intensive cross-eye examination, you will likely pay more than the average cost.

 An extra fee for bifocal correction or astigmatism may apply. Because of the variability of prices, you may need to check in with Walmart customer service to know the precise fee.  

In general, an eye examination at Walmart is relatively cheap compared to other vision centers around the location. It is important to note that this is only an estimated price. To get the actual cost of an eye examination at Walmart, you may have to contact any Walmart vision center in your region before you visit to get and budget the appropriate fee.

The Cost Of Prescribed Glasses At Walmart

The knowledge of the cost of glasses is also important because most times, glasses will be prescribed to you to correct the detected eye defect after an examination. Then comes the question of the cost of prescribed glasses at Walmart.

The price of glasses varies by frame and the type of lenses. In frames, the material of production is considered, and in lenses, the properties your prescription requires are considered. At Walmart, frames cost between 10 and 190 dollars, depending on which you want and the lens the optometrist prescribes to correct the eye defect.

Getting A Discounted Fee At Walmart Vision Centre For Your Eye Exam

Although the cost is relatively okay, there is nothing wrong with getting lower prices for your eye exams at Walmart. A good way to get a discounted price at Walmart is to look for the vision center’s coupons. You can get discounts ranging from 11% to 30% off your eye exam and in-store purchases. These coupons can be found online, in local magazines, or on Walmart’s website.

Reason To Choose Walmart Vision Centre For Your Eye Examination

However, Walmart is at the top of the game when it comes to convenience and low cost. These two reasons are why people would want to visit a vision center. Walmart has a low-cost eye exam fee because the optometrist they consider is not fully employed in the center.

However, they are specialists who have their vision centers located close to the Walmart store, and because of this, they don’t charge for a visit; they only get a commission for each service rendered. This makes the service convenient and beneficial to the customer, the optometrist, and the store.

Although there is no difference in specialization between a Walmart eye doctor and an eye doctor in private eye care or medical center, it is important that when you observe more severe eye difficulties, you visit the medical centers because of their equipped medical setting and sophisticated machines to carry out more detailed examinations and give lasting solutions to critical eye defects.


The least eye exam at Walmart can cost between $65 and $75. The cost is largely dependent on your location, so it is not a flat rate. Because these prices vary, you must check in with the Walmart vision center in your area to obtain and plan for the definite amount of the fee.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is there a vision centre where I can do my eye examination at Walmart convenience stores?

Yes, surely you can get a standard eye exam at a Walmart vision centre. The service will cost you around 70 dollars. Simply book an appointment with an optometrist and get your eye exam done. 

2. Will Walmart allow walk-ins if I don’t book an appointment before the time? 

Yes, Walmart allows walk-ins on some free days when there aren’t many customers. However, if you walk in on a busy day, they can give you an appointment the next day. It is always preferable that you make your appointment ahead of time, except for emergency situations. 

3. Is eye examination at Walmart expensive

Not at all. At Walmart vision centres, the cost for an eye examination differs by region. However, the average cost for an eye examination is 70 dollars. This price is relatively low when compared to other vision centres around the location. 

How Much Is An Eye Exam At Walmart?- know more

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