My HBO Go Is Lagging Help- 10 Ways To Fix

HBO is a wildly popular streaming service that provides high-quality shows and films. It stands for Home Box Office and lives up to the name, and is one of the most original and reputable entertainment brands in the world. HBO Go is a subsidiary of HBO. It’s a video streaming service for people who have HBO subscribed through their cable and satellite provider. It’s just as popular as any other service and is used by millions worldwide. Being as popular as it is, it’s not uncommon for latency issues to appear from time to time. HBO Go could lag for many reasons, from poor internet connection to server crashes. It’s not uncommon for such a popularly used app to have issues from time to time. We’ll show you methods to fix your lag and get back to streaming Game of Thrones immediately. Let’s proceed on the topic “My HBO Go Is Lagging Help and 10 Ways to Fix”.

My HBO Go Is Lagging Help

My HBO Go Is Lagging Help

Here, we’ll show you different ways of troubleshooting lag issues and getting your favorite internet service back up and running.

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1. Stream a Different Show

Before we start passing blame on things, why don’t you stream a different show first? It’s not farfetched to assume they may be having problems with just the particular show you are trying to watch.

2. Clear your Device’s Cache

If you still have issues with lag, try clearing the app’s cache. The cache holds on to old data that may be disrupting your app. Emptying the device cache might be a quick resolution to the issue. A complete reinstall of the app can also help. Remove the app from your device and re-download it from your app store.

3. Check your Internet Connection

Before we get into anything too deep, the answer might be as simple as resetting your WiFi router. Turn the router off at the source. Turn the TV off, also, to give everything a fresh restart. Give everything a second, and then turn them back on. This simple step could save you much trouble getting into more technical solutions. You can also use an online speed tester or other apps on your device to test your internet speed.

All set? Still slow? Then move on to the next solution.

4. Check your Device for Problems

HBO Go works on multiple devices, your TV, smartphones, and even your Playstation 4 and Xbox. So it’s not unlikely that the problem may not be the service but the device. Restart the device, then check other services running on it. If they are also slow, you might want to have your device looked at for problems. It might be a general problem.

There could also be device compatibility issues. Not all apps on your device will function properly. Check your device’s specs and see if they meet the minimum requirements to run HBO Go properly.

5. Check If You Can Stream on Other Devices

Try using HBO Go from a different device. It might be a problem from the server than your end if there are issues on other devices. If that’s the case, you can breathe easily and wait for a fix to the problem. It likely shouldn’t take too long.

6. Update the App

Now that we’ve concluded that you’re not the problem, maybe it is the app. Go to the store on your device to see if there was a recent update to the app. The app updates weekly as new episodes and content get distributed on the service. After updating the app, ensure that everything is up-to-date on your device, start it up, and check if the problem persists?

If it’s working fine now, you’re welcome. If it’s not, carry on.

7. Login Credentials

If you changed your HBO password recently on any of your devices, that might be the cause. Changing your HBO password without logging out on other devices and logging back in with the new one can cause problems. Log out of your HBO account and log back in. That might immediately fix the issue.

8. HDCP Error

High-brandwidth Digital Content Protection or HDCP is a digital copy protection that safeguards HBO content from duplication. If there’s an issue with your cable connections or wire damage, it can cause lag and eventually stop the service altogether. Check that the cables are well secured and there’s no damage. If there are, replacing them, ensuring they are connected, and there is no problem with the wiring can fix your issues.

9. Turn off your VPN

VPNs are good tools for protecting your privacy and anonymity online. Unfortunately, they are also known for restricting your internet speeds. VPNs give your requests a few extra steps before receiving your data to protect you. That can heavily hinder your internet speeds. So if you’re connected to a VPN service, shutting it down might solve the problem.

10. Check HBO Go Servers

Lastly, the problem might come from HBO itself. Use a website like or Services Down to check the status of HBO servers. Server problems mean the issue isn’t from your end, and HBO is probably working on fixing it as you read this. All you need is patience and time.


Now we have learnt ‘My HBO Go Is Lagging Help’, There are multiple potential causes for an app to lag. All you’d need to fix this issue is the patience to look over the problem and find working solutions.

My HBO Go Is Lagging Help- 10 Ways To Fix

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