Does Albertsons Own Safeway-Know More 

Today, Safeway is a division of Albertsons Companies, one of the country’s foods and medicine shops. The corporation operates stores under 20 well-known labels in 35 states and the District of Columbia, demonstrating both a strong local presence and a national size. If that’s the case, you might have observed similarities between the two establishments and questioned if one of them is owned by the other.

Does Albertsons Own Safeway

For more information about Albertsons and Safeway, such as if the two stores are announce a definitive merger agreement, Safeway and rival Albertsons joined forces in a major business merger, is Albertsons and Safeway stores in the same states, Albertsons and Safeway are partnered with other stores and Safeway accepts Albertsons gift cards and more, keep on reading.

Safeway And Albertsons Announce Definite Merger Agreement

“This deal gives us the ability to better serve customers by adjusting more swiftly to growing shopping tastes in varied regions around the country,” said Albertsons CEO Bob Miller. It also brings two fantastic organizations together, each with a strong management team. By investing in its shops and adopting new strategic marketing plans that add to shareholder value, Robert Edwards and his team have done an excellent job preparing Safeway’s core company for success. We will be able to achieve cost savings by working together, which will result in lower prices for our clients. We’ll be able to respond to local demands more rapidly and produce exceptional items at the lowest feasible price than ever before if we work together.

As a result of our strategic business evaluation, we’ve taken some initiatives in recent months, including this merger. Safeway has focused on better satisfying shoppers’ different requirements through a local, relevant assortment, an enhanced price/value proposition, and a fantastic shopping experience, all of which have resulted in increased sales trends. As a merged organization, we’re looking forward to building on this momentum. 

Safeway And Rival Albertsons Joined Forces In A Major Business Merger

Albertsons and Safeway revealed in early 2014 that Cerberus Capital Management in their businesses, the private equity group that backs was planning to buy Safeway for $9.2 billion. This was an unexpected turn of events, considering Safeway was the grocery shop where Albertsons’ founder began his career as a cashier.

 Albertsons and Safeway revealed in early 2014 that Cerberus Capital Management, the private equity group that backs Albertsons, was planning to buy it for $9.2 billion. This was an unexpected turn of events, considering Safeway was the grocery shop where Albertson’s founder began his career as a cashier. 

Is Albertsons And Safeway Stores In The Same States

Between Safeway and Albertsons, there is some overlap. Both store brands are available in many of the same states throughout the West and other parts of the country. They have, for example, locations throughout California. Other states have similar statistics, but California has the most locations. These stores, on the other hand, are not always in the same broad locations within a state.

Albertsons And Safeway Are Partnered With Other Stores

Albertsons now operates 2,323 locations, with 608 of them in California, the company’s largest market. The Boise, Idaho-based firm currently manages approximately 1,700 in-store pharmacies through its several subsidiaries, including the Jewel-Osco chain. Aside from Safeway, Albertsons has some other stores that are called banner stores. The following are some of them:

• Von’s- a popular grocery store in Southern California and Southern Nevada, Von’s is the face of the Albertsons brand.

• Jewel-Osco is a Chicago-based retailer with locations in Indiana and Iowa.

• Acme is an Albertsons store that is primarily found in New England.

• Tom Thumb- this store is located in Texas, primarily in the Dallas/Fort Worth area

• Randalls- also in Texas, but closer to the Houston area • United Supermarkets- this brand is also found throughout Texas

• Pavilions- this store is located in California • Star Market- this store is located in Massachusetts

• Haggen- this grocery shop banner may be seen in Washington, Oregon, and other adjacent states.

• Carrs- this grocery store banner can be found in Alaska and the upper Midwest.

• Kings Food Markets are also located throughout New England.

Some of these stores have a small number of locations, while others have dozens, if not hundreds. These stores began as independent businesses before being acquired by the Albertsons Company.

Safeway Accepts Albertsons Gift Cards

Since Safeway and Albertsons are so firmly connected, there might be issues with utilizing gift vouchers from either. Aside from that, an Albertson shop associate’s gift coupon can be redeemed at another Albertson store. This is valuable data to have especially in the event that you travel and have a gift voucher from an Albertsons-subsidiary supermarket. For more data, see our postings on whether Albertsons’ costs are tantamount, whether Albertsons acknowledges cash requests, and whether Albertsons acknowledges WIC.


Albertsons is a major supermarket company in the United States. It is owned by Cerberus Capital Management, which also manages Safeway and other banner stores. Both Safeway and Albertsons have stores in the Western and Southern US. Despite being owned by Sobeys, Safeway has a presence in Canada.

  • What is the number of Safeway stores?

According to publicly available data, there are 906 Safeway stores in the United States. Furthermore, there are several Safeway supermarket stores in Canada. In reality, there are 104 Safeway locations across Canada. Albertsons, on the other hand, has 2,253 locations. Apart INC operates several banner stores.

  • Are the Albertsons/Safeway rewards the same?

At Safeway/Albertsons, you earn points for Rewards on groceries and fuel in the same way. You can opt to redeem your Reward(s) for groceries or gas once you’ve acquired at least 100 points. Albertsons and Safeway, for example, have locations throughout California. The stores, for the most part, are not in the same geographical locations within any particular state.

  • Who owns Safeway stores in Canada?

On the other hand, Albertsons does not own Safeway locations in Canada. Since 2013, Sobeys, a Canadian retailer, has owned the Safeway shops in Canada. Sobeys Inc. purchased Canada Safeway Limited’s assets in 2013. Sobeys Inc. owns and operates all of Safeway’s Canadian assets.

Does Albertsons Own Safeway-Know More 

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