GoGoGrandparent App Guidelines – Know More

GoGoGrandparent is an application that allows users to order for Uber or Lyft without a smartphone in the United States and Canada. It is a convenient service for senior citizens to access food, rides, and medication with just one phone call. Many young adults and youths may have grown up with cell phones and laptops, but that is not the same story for older adults; many of them may find it difficult to navigate through smartphones. Also, some seniors may not be able to drive safely or run errands on their own, this is why the mission of GoGoGrandparent is to help seniors or clients to get what they need without making mistakes. Let us know ‘GoGoGrandparent App Guidelines’.

GoGoGrandparent App Guidelines

How GoGoGrandparent APP works?

The app runs several features, each dedicated to meeting your particular need at any time 

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  • Custom or general pickups: Whenever a client wants to request a gogograndparent pickup service, the person is to call the official number and specify the service they need from the organization. The phone call redirects to a customer service line, to request for a car to come to your home, press 1, and further instructions will be laid out. But, if a client requires a driver to come to pick them up where last they were dropped off, the number to press is 2. If you are not interested in any of these services, you can press 0 to speak to an operator and your demands will be met. 
  • Programmed or automatic rides: if an older adult has a regular appointment with the doctor, say, every Tuesday, whoever is booking that schedule can book a ride fixed to that time. Appointments like regular doctor check-ups or pension meetings are usually set up on GOGO for older relatives. 
  • Round-the-clock support: Gogo offers 24/7 operator assistance, that is, their call center is open every day, seven days a week to ensure that clients get whatever they need no matter the time of the day. In case of emergencies, this service comes in very handy. 

It is important to note that GoGoGrandparent is not a transportation service on its own nor is it a service intended to replace the police emergency line or the ambulance operations. Rather, it acts as a concierge for your transportation employing the services of Uber and Lyft drivers. It provides another option for transportation and technology independence. So, if you do not have a cell phone, you can still order a ride. 

The GoGoGrandaparent phone number is 1(855) 464-6872. To request a service, some extensions give you a response that properly defines your demand. They are listed and explained below. 

Number extensions on GoGoGrandparent and the services each provides. 

  • 1- if you are a registered user of the service, press one to order a ride to take you to your home address. 
  • 2- if you were dropped off at a location and you are ready to return to where you were picked up press 2. 
  • 3,4 or 5- press either of these numbers to request a ride to a pre-saved or custom address. This service is only available to users who have completed the sign-up process. 
  • 6- To book an on-demand location, press six. A rider will be assigned to take you from your desired pick-up location to your final destination. 
  • 7- To order food on GoGo, press seven. The employee or concierge will ask for the restaurant you would like to order from, the kind of food, and the delivery location. 
  • 8- For grocery deliveries, eight is the action word. Necessary questions will be asked by the team member to meet your requirements. 
  • 0- if you have other needs and options, press zero to speak directly to an operator. 


If a client is physically disabled, GoGoGrandparent app guidelines has features that can ensure the safety and proper transportation of their support devices e.g., wheelchairs. The concierge will call the car and text your emergency contact to your loved ones, say a son or daughter, and monitor your car till you reach your destination. They also make sure that the car can accommodate the passenger accordingly. 

Frequently asked questions 

  1. Is GoGoGrandparent safe to use? 

Answer: Trip safety is guaranteed for your elderly relatives when using Gogo. If you have a grandparent that has a hearing difficulty, you don’t want a driver taking advantage of them. This is why GoGo ensures that every booked ride is monitored the entire time. 

  1. I am only 22 years old; can I use GoGoGrandaprent to book a ride? 

Answer: Of course, yes! Despite the brand name, the service is available to anyone above the age of eighteen. Though it is specially designed to meet the needs of elderly or senior citizens, it can be very useful to a young adult who does not have a smartphone or one who has run out of data. GoGograndparent app guidelines is only one call away!

GoGoGrandparent App Guidelines – Know More

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