Best Fabric Glues- Know More About It

Fabric glues come in handy when you are looking to make a fabric collage or hem a piece of cloth. Usually, good fabric glue is water-resistant, dries evenly and creates a strong bond. Whether you are looking for the adhesive to help hem your dress or mend your cushions or seats, you must ensure you use suitable glue. Typically you have to know whether you want to purchase a temporary or permanent glue depending on your project. Let us know about ‘Best Fabric Glues’.

Best Fabric Glues

Best Fabric Glues

It is essential to get quality adhesives that will serve you well. Choosing a Fabric glue can be somewhat time-consuming, but there are the best fabric glues for any textile project that you may have at hand. 

1. Elmer’s Craft Bond Fabric And Paper Glue, 4 fl OZ

Elmer’s Craft Bond is one of the best fabric glues you can get today. This glue is budget-friendly and has fantastic reviews on Amazon. Most customers that have purchased it have attested to its bonding strength and versatility.

For example, water or the washing machine does not affect the bonding strength. If you want this glue to set to a robust and flexible consistency, you should wait 24 hours. You can use this glue to repair tears, hem clothes and attach cloth patches. Visit Amazon to get this glue. The price ranges from $4.

2. Dritz Liquid Stitch Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive, 2 fl OZ

Liquid Stitch is an excellent fabric glue designed to attach patches, hem clothes, and fix zippers and trims. It can also be used to mend torn cushions and sofas. The glue has multiple excellent reviews on Amazon. The adhesive usually is white during the application, but once it dries, it changes to a clear colour. It has a flexible finish that takes up to 24 hours to sit perfectly. 

If you use this glue to hem your clothes, the glue will remain intact even after washing your clothes using a washing machine or exposing them to water. The glue does not lose its grip. Once it has dried, it’s hard for someone to tell if you used glue. The adhesive is available on Amazon, and the cost ranges from $7.

3. Tear Mender Instant Adhesive, 2 fl OZ

With many customers raving about it and the five-star reviews, Tear Mender is a quality and affordable fabric glue. The adhesive is available mainly on almost every shopping site. Within 15 minutes of application, you can wear or wash your cloth without worrying about the glue losing its grip. It sits well without struggle, and you don’t have to apply so much glue for your clothes to be mended.

Tear Mender can handle rugged textiles. It dries to a transparent colour, making it hard for someone to notice. It is UV resistant and waterproof, and thus cant is affected when exposed to water. Its flexible finish makes it a perfect choice for textile projects. 

You can manipulate your fabric easily after applying this glue because it doesn’t cure in a few minutes. Therefore if you are not content with how your material turned out after using the glue, you can manipulate it easily without struggling. Check out Amazon and other shopping websites for this glue. Its price is $7, which is relatively affordable.

4. Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive, 4 fl OZ

This is the glue you should get if you are looking for an adhesive that can work perfectly on any textile, whether cotton, flannel or denim. Aleene’s is an ideal fabric glue that can be used to attach patches, fix trims, or glue beads and rhinestones to clothes or any fabric.

The glue turns to a transparent colour upon drying and has a flexible finishing. It creates a permanent bond once it has dried for 48 hours. This means that the glue doesn’t lose its grip and can’t be affected by water or a washing machine. Most people rate it a ten out of ten because it does a perfect job. You can get the glue on Amazon at $ 5.


Whether you are looking to repair a tear, attach patches, hem clothes or curtains,  mend torn seats, or reupholster your seat cushions, whatever it is, the fabric glues mentioned above are the best adhesives to use. They have a flexible finishing; they sit in well, are water-resistant and don’t lose their grip. They are durable, affordable and readily available on any shopping site, mostly Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which adhesive should I use for making costumes?

According to Amazon reviews and ratings, Aleene’s Fabric Fusion is the best adhesive for costume making. This glue does the trick. You can use it to glue rhinestones or sequins to your fabric. It creates a flexible permanent bond upon drying.

  1. Which is the most well-known best fabric adhesive? 

Tear Mender takes the “most popular” fabric glue on the market. This glue is popular because it does the magic. It has nice ratings and customer reviews.

Best Fabric Glues- Know More About It

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