How The RebateKey works?- Know More


It will just be nice to have cash back on products that you purchase from online stores. This can keep you returning to the site to order more products because you know that a part of your money will return afterward. Most times you can even get your complete money back to your bank account and yes, this is very possible, and they call it rebates. There are many rebate sites you can access, but for this article, we will focus on RebateKey and how the Rebate key works. RebateKey is one of the few platforms that allow you to purchase goods from online retail stores and a rebate afterward. With RebateKey, you can get back 100% of the amount you bought a product, but there are terms and conditions attached to it. 

How The Rebate Key works- Know More

We will review the RebateKey platform in this article. We will discuss how it works, its features, and its customer service support system. This article will intimate you on everything that you need to know about RebateKey, so continue reading it.

What is RebateKey?

RebateKey is a cashback site that helps its users get a rebate from online retail stores. The platform has done over $80 million in rebates over the past three years and they currently rank it as one best rebate platforms that you can find. RebateKey doesn’t just give rebates; it also gives coupons for a large range of products that you buy from an online store. Third-party sellers are the ones who sell most of these products on Walmart, Amazon, or a few others. 

The offers you get determine the amount that will get returned to your account. Some offers make you receive the complete amount that you spent on the product, and some only return some percent of the amount. Third-party sellers mostly use RebateKey because they want to make many sales of their product for it to rank on Amazon’s product search. With this, they can cancel the rebate and start making huge sales.

How RebateKey works

RebateKey is not open to people who don’t have accounts on its platform. So, the first thing you need to do to use RebateKey is to create a RebateKey account, which is free and not time-consuming. When you have done this, the platform will be open for you to use and also claim your rebates. 

RebateKey gives rebates that’s varies, but every rebate you get is mostly higher than half the amount you paid for the products. After you have claimed a rebate, you will buy the attached product and verify the purchase. Then, wait for about 35 days to get the rebate amount paid into your account. The 35 days wait for it for you not to return the product after getting the rebate.

Features of RebateKey

RebateKey has many features that make its users stick with it. Some of these features are:

  • It allows you to create an Amazon rebate campaign
  • You can create several product landing pages
  • There is a RebateKey chrome extension that is free to install
  • RebateKey has an internal messaging feature
  • There are unique rebate key codes for safe transactions
  • RebateKey multi-store optimization can work with several online retail stores
  • Buyers and sellers can get referral benefits
  • There is a well-detailed dashboard with which you can access your analysis and more

These and many more are the features of RebateKey. You can register on the platform to get more.

RebateKey customer service support system

RebateKey takes its users as the number one priority in its business. For this reason, the rebate platform has created a different means for its customers to reach its customer service team and get support. The team offers full support to RebateKey users to make sure of a seamless use of the platform. 

There is a provision for direct messages, mentions, commenting on RebateKey posts, and a few other actions on social media. Also, on the RebateKey website, you can get to its contact page and fill in a complaint form for whatever you need help with. The customer service teams will respond to you as they can to help you.

Pros and Cons of RebateKey

Now, let us review the advantages and disadvantages of using RebateKey. 


  • With RebateKey, you can set up promotions off Amazon. 
  • The RebateKey platform will help drive organic search traffic to your product listing on Amazon. This is a good means to make more sales.
  • As a buyer, there are steps your rebate needs to go through before it gets approved. This is to avoid fraud, therefore keeping sellers and their products safe. 
  • It RebateKey, you can directly contact your buyers.
  • Every user of the RebateKey platform is eligible for a one-on-one discount ratio of a product.
  • RebateKey allows other online stores like AliExpress, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, and a few more.


  • RebateKey allows just one campaign.
  • You cannot reach the customer service team through phone calls.
  • RebateKey gives limited time for some campaigns.
  • RebateKey is a geo-restricted platform and only US-based citizens can use it.

RebateKey is one of the many sites that offer rebates on products that you purchase. The platform does not work with only Amazon, but with Shopify, eBay, Walmart, and a few others. 

RebateKey has many features and benefits, but they are only available to users in the US. Its customer service team is always ready to help, but you can only text and not call them.

How The RebateKey works?- Know More

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