7 Eleven Money Order Fees Limits Cashing

The United States 7-Eleven store is one of the giants and most convenient working companies. The money order is one of the many financial services the store offers to its beloved customers. With the need for money order services, a 7-Eleven store at any particular location will serve it best. The 7-Eleven money order fees limit and cashing include services offered at very considerable payments. Depending on the amount of money order one would want to be serviced for, the limits are always available with their associated fees.

7 Eleven Money fees

So, this article is all you require to get more information on 7-Eleven money order fees, limit cashing, and other services. 

Working Of The Money Order

A money order is one of the forms or methods a person could use to send cash or deposit some amount to their specific bank accounts or their intended accounts. For instance, when talking of such financial items as credit cards and debit or visa cards, money orders are part of the same. 

7 Eleven offers at least most of the services dealing with such payment methods and the money gram. 

So, one has to get a certain amount of money to send to an account at the post office or else from 7 Eleven stores. Sign off some personal details like the name, ID, and account number to transfer the same amount to the intended accounts.

Money order has some service fees and cashing procedures.

The following is information regarding fees on money order services at 7-Eleven stores. 

Fees For Sending Money Orders

The fees on money orders would probably depend on the amount of cash one would like service for. For example, a money order including a total of up to $500 would require a service fee of $1.45 at any location of the 7-Eleven stores. For a total of up to$1,000, the relative cost is $1.95, while for Military Postal orders, all services require a fee of $0.5.

However, it is a great deal to use a money order for a high amount of transactions due to the cost of services. While the 7-Eleven store offers the services at low rates for fees, it would be better to consider the service for a tremendous amount than $500. 

Money Order Limit Per Day

At 7-Eleven, the money order and cashing fees limit for transaction purposes is $500, meaning the most cash one could pay for the service is $500, while the least is $0.65. 

While the maximum number of money orders from 7-Eleven is $500, purchasing multiple orders is necessary. Also, in a single day, a customer can only use a money order to transact a total of $10,000. 

Fees On Stolen Or Lost Money Order

Sometimes a faulty money order transaction may occur, leading to a customer losing their money order. 7-Eleven will always try and solve such an issue, but there are processing fees when that point reaches.

A stolen or else lost money order would cost the customer $15 as a fee for replacing the order. But the $15 price is for those individuals with receipts at hand, and so for those without the ticket, a cost of $30 is payable for a complete refund of the money order lost.

So, it is a good idea when one keeps their transactions secure to avoid added fees on top of the standard transactions. 

Importance Of 7 Eleven Order Fees Limits

7 Eleven stores around the US will offer their affordable money orders to anyone. It may be a delimiter that the store does not work late nights like other stores; however, for a few dollars to work on for money order transactions, 7-Eleven is the best.

The 7-Eleven also will help refund those who may experience theft with their money orders at low prices as the processing fees for the refund.

Money orders at 7-Eleven would also allow one to get an order with up to $500 value per order, which is considerable.


7 Eleven in the US is a store that offers most financial services such as sending money to bank accounts or other recipients at affordable fees. There are limits on money orders a customer makes. Also, 7-Eleven favors customers with a few dollars to do their transactions through money orders. Consequently, using 7-Eleven stores at any location for such money order transactions is a choice worth considering due to its quality and good customer service.


What is the limit for a single money order at 7-Eleven?

A single money order at 7-Eleven is $500 per order. If one wants a money order amounting to more than the limit for a single one, purchasing multiple money orders is necessary.

What is the cost of a $1000 money order?

A fee of $1.3 is the total a 7-Eleven store would require one to pay, including two money orders of $500 each.

7 Eleven Money Order Fees Limits Cashing

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