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The apostrophe is an American-based skincare company that mostly specializes in dermatology and pharmaceuticals. Skincare routines and facials are some of the most common and fast-growing products or services we see today. It can be so common that we can add it to our daily routine. As long as you’re concerned about the way you treat yourself, this industry serves for its demand which makes it one of the fast-growing or the hottest products in the market. And also, Apostrophe is an e-service platform which makes it more user–friendly in this age of Internet interactions. Let’s Know More About Apostrophe Skincare Reviews.

Apostrophe Skincare Reviews

Apostrophe Skincare

As always, people tend to look more like the ideal self they really need to become, the possibility of you becoming everything you ever wanted is always made possible by many services in this world. Apostrophe as I said earlier has its services through its online platform and website – www.apostrophe.com. This service is so readily accessible, completely enduring through this up-and-coming age of digital technology and the internet. The procedures to be able to get consulted are as follows –

Go to the Apostrophe website and create an account. 

  • Fill out the Online Consultation Form.
  • Fill in the necessary Medical history and background.
  • The expert dermatologist will get in touch with you within 48 hours.
  • After consultation, you can buy your prescribed products from the patient dashboard.
  • Through shipping, you will get the product.

You can get medical care from professional dermatologists around the world with these 6 steps. That is how simple it is to get consulted from Apostrophe. This reputed internet platform got its name after getting published in infamous publications such as Forbes, cheddar, WWD (Women’s Wear Daily), Women’s Health, and Refinery29, to name a few.

Products are readily available across the States and the medicines are manufactured in trusted Pharmacies that are linked from their initial stage. 


When you log in to your account, you can fill in the necessary information into the corresponding blanks. They will ask you to provide photographs of the affected parts of your face, where it is affected. After providing various information, you will be reached out by experts within 48 hours. In order to get the right treatment and get to know more about your conditions, there will be a questionnaire that should be accurate for your health concerns.

The treatment is only affordable to citizens in the USA. Consultations can be divided into two –

> Asynchronous consultations

> Video Visits.

  Asynchronous Consultation

Asynchronous consultation just means the normal consultation the Apostrophe provides. You fill in the details and every other aspect of your illness and you will get consulted within 24 hours or to a maximum of 48 hours.

Video Visit  

Video Visit as its name suggests, you can get an appointment through video and the drawback of this model is that it is available in a few states including Arkansas, DC, Kansas, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Idaho, New Hampshire, Mississippi, and Delaware.


The quality of the product is one among the things that got its name up above any other company. They don’t just give away the prescription as soon as they get it. It involves a process of distinguishing each type of chemical material to suit the patient and with utmost care and precision, they turn back to their patients and discuss the cure.

This can be seen when they ask you to fill out a 30-question questionnaire that gives a brief idea about your medical background.

Shipping is another aspect that occurs to be there at your address within 5 to 7 business days. Also to be more customer-friendly, the shipping is totally free.   


As I said earlier, the service is only limited to residents of the United States of America, which sets a major setback to this highly demanding medical industry. Even though they have video visits, which are also limited to 13 states in the USA, they are planning to expand this venture to many parts of the country.

Another drawback can be the prescription itself. Because of the precarious nature of their work and the time restraints they cannot reach out to everyone and give medical advice to everyone. It is so difficult to understand every aspect of a human being and their skin type, so they should be very careful and sure about whatever necessary steps they are taking. They ask for a $20 consultation fee before you fill out every submission form. This cannot be seen as a problem because, if this happens to be a situation you have to face during this process, they will refund the amount immediately.


Q. Where is the Apostrophe located?

Apostrophe is located in Oakland, USA.

 Q. How much does Apostrophe cost?

Apostrophe can be considered as the one among the easily affordable services in dermatology. It ensures you pay $20 to get the appointment.

Q. Is Apostrophe reliable?

Yes, Apostrophe is completely reliable. It is well recognised in the United States and got its title published in renowned magazines such as Forbes.

Apostrophe Skincare Reviews – Know More

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