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Writing is always a part of our livelihood. We understand and educate ourselves through writing. It is one of the primary mediums of communication of all time. Writing can include anything, collecting information, thought processes, analyzing reports, anything. But now we are talking about writing as an Art, as Literature. This mostly includes Novels, Novellas, poetry, Historical records, etc. why are these two types of writing different but consider to be the same. The world evolved a lot with social media and the internet where we can find everything inside the palm of our hand. So let us get figure out whether writing is an Art. Let’s Know more about Are Writers Artists?

Are Writers Artists

Yes, Writing is definitely an Art. It is recognized and revised worldwide as one of the seven different types of arts. All the art forms include Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Literature, Music, Theatre, and Cinema. Millions of years ago, people showed an empathetic relation toward reading. To read, there should be people who write. Thus writing evolved to be one of the most powerful sources of Art in the Ancient periods. 

People started writing philosophical manuscripts which deal with emotional intelligence and wisdom. This created a quick impact on the ordinary people who read these works and united with the thoughts of the writer. But again philosophical wordings and quotes are too difficult to engulf for normal citizens so they came up with the idea of telling them what they intended to tell through a story. There are several stories and poetry that are found in the BC era that are more prominent and stand with today’s quality of work. Later the writing formed the basis of another art form called theatre.

Art forms are said to be done with a single person’s work and cognitive process to write until the end. Writing does not occur through writing anything that doesn’t matter to you. It always reflects that one idea the writer intends to show the whole world and it can take years for artists to develop and publish a single piece of work.

Why it is not considered an Art?

In early generations, finding something to read is not that common. It is difficult to find something and when someone finds something, they will be all into it. It will be so exciting to read it to the end. Just because it is rare. When we take the present scenario, this age gives everything in your hand, you will not find it exciting to read everything you got because you are accessible to the library of this whole world. You have the chance to read any book or historical document anywhere around the world. The language cannot draw boundaries anywhere because you can even get the translated version of the preferred books.

People are very literate compared to people thousands of years ago. Anyone can write nowadays and sadly there is no filter to sort out the good works and bad works. Back in the day, people who understood extremely about a subject will only write about a subject. Writers know that there is a unique voice in their writing that can make particular changes in society. But now being resourceful to the public is pure profitability.

Values of books

Values produced from a book are not seen as an essential part of livelihood these days. Whenever people write something it is most probably considered content. Not just books, but other forms of art too. Cinema, paintings, music everything is a form of product that makes no sense to the businessman but is well-meaning to the artist that created it. 

When creating a new piece of writing, he/she is not veering toward the profitable way of thinking and selling it as a product. They consider it as their offspring and make sure it is ready for the public eyes to see it and get to know it better. Not every work should be considered “art for art’s sake” in our modern world. 


What in this world is more interesting than understanding people, and what in this world is more precious than an artist sharing all these feelings all around the world through their literary works? There is not a single thing you can supplement with writing because most people don’t have the patience to write and finish work. So when there are people who put their time and effort to portray their views and aspects through a story or poetry, it should be considered Art. It helps to show a different perspective of the same world we live in. That can be the only reason why there is no limit on writing. That this art form never got vanished. It all comes to a point where you share your point of view.


Q. Are Poems and novels considered Literature?

Yes, both are subdivisions in literature, showing their real form through writing.

Q. What are the seven forms of Art?

Painting, sculpture, architecture, Literature, Theatre, Music, and Cinema.

Q. Who said the Quote “Art for art’s sake”?

Victor Cousin, a French Philosopher, coined these words back in the 18th century.

Are Writers Artists? – Know More

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