Best Shoes to Wear with Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are looser high waist jeans that were famous in the 70s. We all want to look good and have a great sense of fashion, and our shoes help us complement our looks hence the importance of wearing the right shoes to go with the right outfit. In this article We will look at some shoes to wear with Mom Jeans. You can wear sneakers, loafers, sandals, fashion boots, Birkenstocks, slides, ankle boots, heels, and ballet flats with your high-waist jeans (mom jeans) and look classy.

Best Shoes to Wear with Mom Jeans

Foot Wears that Go with your Mom Jeans

Sandal: This is a good choice for people who like their feet out of sandals can go with your Mom’s Jeans during summer. Birkenstocks sandals are a classic option for your Mom Jeans as it helps you recreate the 90s look.

Slides: although slides are not very trendy, they go along with your Mom Jeans as it gives you an elevated style try going with the leather version.

Sneakers: these are for most people the best option as it is a failsafe and guaranteed match, it goes well with all Mom Jeans. Whatever look you are going for be it sleek or minimalistic or bold, the sneakers do it for you and they are very comfortable.

Ankle boots: people use the ankle boat with Mom Jeans as it is a good option the edgier the style, the better. They are a must-have for our closest ones as they give you an effortlessly chic feel. Try to pick averagely high ankle boots as they tend to be versatile for any occasion these can be worn in any season.

Ballet flat: The Ballet flat is a year-round staple shoe as they make it effortlessly chic with a Persian feel. Women who want to look like a cool mum should go with this.

When to Wear Mom Jeans for Style

Casual looks: If you want that casual look, these shoes are for you

Mules: How often you wear this depends on how low they are but the lower the heels, the longer you can walk.

Flat Sandal: This is a good option if you will walk a long distance. It goes well with different Mom Jeans. A tucked-in shirt or a tank top will fit perfectly with this.

Loafer: If you like to look sophisticated, loafers are good to roll up the pants to showcase the shoes.

Sleek Leather Slide: These are comfortable, give style, and are probably the best shoes to wear with your Mom Jeans.

Birkenstocks: This is the epitome of casual fashion. Try this with any style of Birkenstock and your best Mom Jeans. It is a casual look but with style.

Oxford: This look is very casual wear your oxford with the knitted sweater with Mom’s Jeans.

Boots with Mom Jeans: Both ankle and combat boots give the casual look with your Mom Jeans they always fit.

Boot Collection to Go with Your Mom Jeans

Combat boots with Mom’s Jeans: These are comfortable to run in, and they are also fashionable. Try using the chunky outsoles which give you a cool feeling. In the winter, darker Mom Jeans with water-proof boots will go a long way.

Minimal Ankle Boot with Mum Jeans: These boots go well with Mom Jeans that have longer hems, allowing the footwear to show off its beauty.

Snake Print Ankle: Snake print helps elevate your output including Mom Jeans.

Western Ankle Boot: This gives you a cowgirl look try it on with distressed Mom Jeans and an oversized button-down top.

Chunky Lug Sole Chelsea Boot: This goes a long way with your Mom Jeans in the winter because they are comfortably warm and good for slippery roads.

Sneaker Collection to Go with Your Mom Jeans

Casual White Sneakers: This is basic, comfortable, and can match any air of mum jeans. Some may even call it the ultimate shoe that goes with any Mom Jeans.

Retro Sneakers: This looks good when you let the hem drape right over the top of your sneakers.

Mom Jeans with Vans: These are simple and classic too.

Mom Jeans with Nike Air Force 1: This looks classy anyway you style it.

Chunky Slippers: This makes you look youthful and trendy without losing your comfort. Platform Snickers also makes you look youthful too.

Steve Madden Wedgie Sneakers: These are high tops with a wedge. It is easy to wear to go with your Mom Jeans.


Whether you wear your Sneakers, Slides, Birkenstocks, Ballet flat, sandals, ankle boots, mules, combat boots, oxford, or loafers. Mom Jeans will still create that desired and allow you comfort in them. You can also wear Mom Jeans with Hills like Kitten Hills, Silletto pumps, and strappy sandals in clear hills. There is no shortage of options it all depends on the style you represent.

Frequently Asked Question

What can I wear with Mom Jeans?

You can wear sneakers, loafers, ankle boots, sandals, and mules.

Can I wear my Mom Jeans with Chelsea Boots?

Yes, Chelsea boots go with a variety of Mom Jeans. Just keep them cuffed.

Are Mom Jeans still trendy and in style?

Yes, Mom’s Jeans are still trendy and in style.

Can I wear any boots with my Mom Jeans?

Yes, you can wear your Mom Jeans with a variety of boots.

Best Shoes to Wear with Mom Jeans

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