can you use the boots gift cards online?

Boots gift cards: 

Boots gift cards are some cards that you can get for your friends or family members on different memorable occasions like Christmas or their birthdays and they can redeem those cards and pick their favorite things from the store. You can purchase boots gift cards from their online website, stores, or third-party retailers. They are easy to have your hands on and perfect when you cannot decide what to gift your special ones. They offer love2shop and one4all named gift cards. You can get these cards for around £15. You can spend those gift cards across the United States but not online. Read the next paragraphs to find out more about it.

boots gift cards

 However, about where you can redeem those gift cards, you can only do it in-store and not online. If you want to purchase an item online and it is not available in-store so you have to go to the store with the product code and tell the salesperson there to place your order for them. Most certainly in the coming time, you will be able to redeem your gift cards online but at present, you cannot. Although that is not the case with many other stores offering gift cards, you have to face it with the boots company. The good part is that there are chances that they are soon to announce that you can use them online, too.

Purchasing a boots gift card

You’ll be given the option of making it worth up to £250 in-stores. Online, you’ll get the deal of either purchasing a minimum value of £10 to £250 maximum. To know the balance left on your boots gift cards, you can go to your nearest boots store and ask the workers there to do it for you. They will simply scan and let you know. However, you can also contact 0345 1205677 for any other queries regarding this. 

A random fact: you can buy a maximum of 6 gift cards at once. If you’re a company or however you want to get gift cards in bulk, you need to reach out to the company’s website, insert your information and send the demand. Remember, you can do it only if you’re a registered company. Good luck! 

A fun fact: You get the earn points for your boots advantage card when you make a purchase using gift cards. Remember, you will not earn the points by purchasing the card itself. 

The best thing about this company is that you can get a refund for any item that you don’t want. You’ll get the money transferred in your boots gift card or they will make another one if you don’t own one or lost it. However, you cannot return your purchased gift cards from the boots company. 

Your gift cards can last up to 24 months from your date of issuance. So make sure you make the most out of it before it expires! 

For any other information regarding the gift cards, when will they be available to use online or what options do you get when you opt for gift cards on boots company, you can contact them via email and contact number 0345 1205677.

The sad part is that when you read the reviews about this particular company, they’re not very pleasing. They’re bashed for worst customer care and losing parcels. While there are plenty of good reviews too, sadly they fail to outnumber the bad remarks.

Since you have your answer on if you can pay online, we have gathered some other options where you can use gift cards online.

1, Scheele’s: you can get and use these gift cards in store.

2, Redbox: you can purchase and use the cards in-store and online. 


Overall, you can have a great time using the gift cards purchased by the boots company. This is a great way to gift your friends and family members whatever they like! Once they will be available online, many people will switch to just using them. These gift cards are not known in these times but soon they will be the most used. Especially, their designs are the best for being so cute and the fact that you have an option to have a balance of £10 to £250! Isn’t that amazing? Of course, it is! So give these gift cards a try and you’ll be known for giving the most awesome gifts. They’re rare, unique, and reliable because you get 24 months to spend them. 

can you use the boots gift cards online?

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