Comcast Status Code 580 – How To Resolve


Comcast is an internet, phone, and TV benefit provider. It’s open in 39 states with public packages running in different places. It is most pleasing for the joyful geriatrics who like more channels and benefits and an effortless, all-in-one resolution. It’s primarily influential to have emerging or resuming complications with your hearing, view, or agility. Elements like voice search captioning and braille benefits can run a prolonged course in creating daily viewing more comfortable. Let’s find out how to resolve Comcast status code 580.

Comcast Status Code

The “Status Code 580” error note on the Xfinity Comcast cable TV pack reveals that the tools have been latched temporarily and need a signal to be transferred from the worker. When this error occurs, watching anything on TV is not probable.

How To Repair Comcast Status Code 580

There are multiple ways to fix this:

Check the Cable Plan for Available Channels:

The easiest answer to trouble is usually the most neglected one.

Before the user attempt to troubleshoot the status code note, make sure that the channel that the user is attempting to see is included in the cable program.

channels that they do not have entrance to.

Check the Payment Status:

Another cause may be witnessing the status code note on the Comcast box if the cable bill is exceeding its scheduled date.

To see the billing segments:

  1. Install the Xfinity app (App Store on iOS machines and Google Play Store on Android devices) and open it to operate the Xfinity ID.
  2. Choose the Account icon at the left corner of the Overview.
  3. When on the Account porter, pick Billing Facts to see the most latest bill.

If someone hasn’t delivered the cable bill, they can expend it on the Xfinity app easily.

Once they conclude the fee, the media should be restored and the status code will go.

Check the Cables:

If users see that the channel they are attempting to see is already there in the box and their account has been paid, the issue may fib on the user’s end.

See the coaxial cables linked to the rear of the Comcast box and assure that they are correctly resolved to the box.

Lax connections may guide to status code error notes in some matters and thus tightening the cables will fix the problem.

Also, confirm there are no disconnections and the cables are not there between two weighty entities.

Reset the Comcast Cable Box:

If none of these troubleshooting processes operated, there is one more object to test.

Users can reset the Comcast cable box to reset factory default settings.

Resetting the cable box performs simply like rebooting a computer, it removes the memory of the device, thus destroying any bugs that may have sneaked in.

Since the cable box is uncomplicated and geriatric, there is no reliable reset switch.

Rather, all users have to do is unplug all the links to the box and depart it unattended for a time.

When users have authorized the cable box to relax for a minute or so, they can pack all the links back in and bring the cable box back on.

In most circumstances, this should be sufficient to get the media back up and functioning.

Consumers Aid:

The only choice is there to attempt to reach Xfinity’s customer aid.

Having chatted to the consumer can certify their helpfulness and goodwill.

Xfinity’s consumer help is great at reaching for the service required as fast as probable.

When users will call their customer support, make sure to inform them of everything about the issue as well as the various troubleshooting steps that have been attempted to enforce.

Doing so will allow the support crew sufficiently understand the issue and thus supply users with the assistance they need at the earliest.


The Comcast Status Code 580 is quite a common issue that Comcast users run into but is even one of the simplest ones to fix.

In some possibilities, operating the Xfinity app on the mobile to stream movies and TV programs would guide to some bugs concluding in the status code error being shown on the cable box.

In that possibility, the test deletes and again installs the Xfinity app from the mobile. Reinstalling the application will bring away any short bugs forcing the problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1) How to restore the Comcast cable box?

Answer: To restore your Xfinity cable box, push the A switch on the Xfinity remote, pick the system restore, and then push ok on the restore now a choice.

Q2) How prolonged does it bear for a Comcast cable to reset?

Answer: In most possibilities, Comcast cable boxes have reset in nearly 15 minutes. Regardless, in some circumstances, the program directory and other related aid may bear up to 45 minutes before they are open for service.

Comcast Status Code 580 – How To Resolve

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