Dark Shadow On Vizio TV

Are you annoyed by the shadow on your Vizio tv screen? We know what you’re talking about, and it’s not very pleasant to see either, so we’ve come up with some tips on removing that dark shadow from your Vizio tv screen.

Dark Shadow On Vizio TV

A dark shadow on your Vizio TV screen can be a problem, and it’s not something that should be ignored or overlooked, especially if it’s on the left or right side of the screen. Left or right side dark shadows can be caused by different problems, from bad connections to broken or missing parts in your television set. Once you know what could be causing your TV to have an ominous dark shadow creeping across its screen, you can decide whether to fix the problem yourself or bring it in to get repaired professionally.

Troubleshooting Dark Shadow On Vizio TV

In this guide, you will learn how to identify and fix this problem and prevent it from happening again. First, read about the common causes of the dark shadow on your screen, so you’ll know what exactly is causing it. Then, explore possible solutions for eliminating that shadow on your screen once and for all. 

Check For Burn-In

If you see a dark shadow on your screen, it may be due to burn-in. Burn-in is when parts of your image get burned into or imprinted on your screen to remain visible, even if you change what is being displayed.

Troubleshooting: follow these three steps as mentioned under:

  1. Find the antenna option by pressing ‘source’ or ‘input’ on your remote control.
  2. Switch the tv to a channel displaying black and white static that is off-air.
  3. After eight hours, turn the tv to a regular channel.

Make Sure Your Setting Are Correct

When you turn on your tv, it’s essential to ensure that your settings are correct. If your screen has a dark shadow, check your tv settings.

Troubleshooting: Use these tips to fix it.

  1. First, make sure that your settings aren’t too bright. Turn down any brightness or backlight settings until they are at or below 50%. 
  2. Next, go into menu options and make sure that dynamic contrast is set to zero or off; increasing contrast can cause black areas of images to appear darker than they should be.

Don’t Use Shifting Colors.

If your screen is darker than usual, check to see if it’s still working correctly. If it is and you’re still seeing an issue, it may be an issue with how your device processes color. Devices that use shifting colors (like cell phones and televisions) often process dark areas of images differently than they do light areas. 

Troubleshooting: When a portion of your screen appears as a dark area (like in shadow), shifting colors sometimes overcompensate and make things look darker or lighter than they are.

Don’t Use Dynamic Contrast.

If you find that your Vizio tv screen is darker than usual, your screen’s dynamic contrast feature may have been turned on. This feature allows a picture to look brighter when there are dark areas in a frame and darker when there are more light colors, but for some people, it results in a noticeable dark shadow on one side of their screen.

Troubleshooting: To get rid of dark shadows on your screen and keep them from coming back, turn off dynamic contrast on your own, or you can contact Vizio to get instructions about how to turn this feature off.

What is an IPS Panel?

This is one of three LCD panels in most flat-screen TVs. The other two are TN and VA, but IPS is the most popular choice for screens larger than 32 inches because it offers much better viewing angles, colors, and contrast ratio than TN or VA. Unfortunately, IPS panels also tend to be a bit more expensive. They may sometimes suffer from image retention or screen burn-in if left on for extended periods with static images displayed.

Troubleshooting: Follow the instructions mentioned in the heading “Check for Burn-in” above.

Contact the Manufacturer

No matter what kind of Vizio tv troubleshooting black screen or dark shadow on tv you have, there’s a good chance your product was made by one of two companies: Samsung or LG. (Sony, Toshiba, and Sharp are also significant players). An essential step to troubleshooting your issue is contacting your manufacturer and determining if there’s an official fix. 


There can be a lot of reasons for a shadow on your screen; some are simple to fix, and in others, you’ll need to call in a maintenance specialist. If you see a shadow on your Vizio television, don’t panic; try the above tips to sort out the actual cause of the shadow on the screen. You might be able to get rid of the shadow yourself. If the results are negative, calling the company’s technician would help you.

Dark Shadow On Vizio TV

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